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. International Organization for Standarization 2015. ISO 9000:2015, retrieved from: [21.04.2019]. Ip, B., Jacobs, G. 2006. Quality function deployment for the games industry: Results from a practical application , Total Quality Management, 17, 835–856. ITU-T, 2008. Recommendation E.800: Definitions of terms related to quality of service , Telecommunication Standardization Sector of ITU. Jacobs, G., Ip, B. 2003. Matching games to gamers with quality function deployment, TQM & Business Excellence, 14, 959–967. Kao Y


The management of contemporary health systems is a problem of many countries, which consists not only of issues related to the establishment of the roles of institutions involved in their functioning, the allocation of funds, asymmetry of information, or access to health services. Problems of the all system often result from faulty management of particular health institutions, and more specifically from the lack of agreement between the management staff, medical staff and patients.

The proposed study is an attempt to systematize the roles assigned recently to physicians and patients on the one hand, on the other – a presentation of non-standard solutions in this area, which are the existing cooperatives in health care in the world. The issue of jointly implemented by both groups of objectives and adaptation of the idea of cooperatives to the management process was justified by the theory of common pool resources and the game theory.

term "quality", it's frameworks and measurement methods to video games. Keywords: video game, quality, customer requirements, games industry 1. INTRODUCTION It is estimated that the global video game market brought nearly 138 billion USD in revenues in 2018, presenting a 13,3% increase from 2017 (Wijman, 2018). At the same time, the production of a video game can take several years, and cost (including marketing) well over 200 million USD (Villapaz, 2013). When undertaking such vast investments, it is desirable that the final product would be of the highest