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The fixed point theory is essential to various theoretical and applied fields, such as variational and linear inequalities, the approximation theory, nonlinear analysis, integral and differential equations and inclusions, the dynamic systems theory, mathematics of fractals, mathematical economics (game theory, equilibrium problems, and optimisation problems) and mathematical modelling. This paper presents a few benchmarks regarding the applications of the fixed point theory. This paper also debates if the results of the fixed point theory can be applied to the mathematical modelling of quality.

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The present paper wishes to start from the premise that we are preparing to express, namely that there is a correlation between the degree of preparation of the basketball referees and their results during the games, between their actual training and the performance we observe. The basketball referee is the person who judges all phases of the game, taking decisions in fractions of a second. For this the referee needs interdisciplinary training, yet not forgetting that he is often selftaught, learning and taking over from field specialists.


The management of contemporary health systems is a problem of many countries, which consists not only of issues related to the establishment of the roles of institutions involved in their functioning, the allocation of funds, asymmetry of information, or access to health services. Problems of the all system often result from faulty management of particular health institutions, and more specifically from the lack of agreement between the management staff, medical staff and patients.

The proposed study is an attempt to systematize the roles assigned recently to physicians and patients on the one hand, on the other – a presentation of non-standard solutions in this area, which are the existing cooperatives in health care in the world. The issue of jointly implemented by both groups of objectives and adaptation of the idea of cooperatives to the management process was justified by the theory of common pool resources and the game theory.


In recent decades, the question of freedom in market society and responsibility in the behavior of market players has been raised again. Usually, in the public sphere, the thesis is stressed that the state is the main reason for restricting the freedom of the market subjects. In this article, the perception of freedom as negative or positive is stated and analysed; freedom is accepted, understood and refers to every subject, member of society and participant in the market game; subject who in his/her free actions does not subdue and does not harm others and the rest. In their complex life existence ordinary people seem to be between Scylla and Charybdis of the state and the powerful national and transnational market subjects.


The conflict that opposed the Carthaginians, called puny by the Romans, and the Eternal City, was one of epic proportions, similar to the Iliad, because, just as in the Iliad one of the combatants was removed forever, not only from the political game of the region, but also from history. The Punic Wars lasted long, the reason/stake was actually the control of the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most important spheres of influence in Antiquity.

These military clashes followed the patterns of a genuine “clash of civilizations”, there was a confrontation of two civilizations with their military blocks, interests, mentalities, technologies, logistics, strategies and manner of belligerence. The two civilizations, one of money, the other of pragmatism, opposed once again, after the Iliad and the Greco-Persian wars, the Orient (and North Africa) with the West, thus redrawing the map of the world power.

The winner in this “clash” was Rome, by the perseverance, tenacity and national unity of its army to the detriment of Carthage, a civilization of money, equally pragmatic, but lacking national political unity. So the West was victorious, changing the Roman winners in the super-power of the ancient world, a sort of gendarme of the world around the Mediterranean Sea which was turned into a Roman lake (Mare Nostrum.)


Leisure sport activities have an important role inmaintaining health and physical fitness at adults, but also being more and more used for different other reasons like socialization, communication, making new friends and relationships, self-image, challenge etc. Our study focused on finding the main necessities of adults regarding leisure sport activities, discovering the real reasons of practicing sport activities in their free time. So, using the questionnaire method, we asked 204 adults of their real necessities regarding leisure sport activities and why they practice specific sports in their free time. The results showed that different sports are practiced for different necessities, so the practitioners of volleyball game highlighted the necessities of socialization and communication, the football practitioners had chosen movement and competition necessities as main reasons for practicing sport, basketball players elected affiliation and maintain health necessities as primordial, fitness or gym practitioners affirmed that main reasons for practicing sport activities are self-image and satisfaction necessities. The conclusions of the study were that indifferent of the sport that is practiced, leisure sport activities contributes in fulfilling the adult necessities and is an important way of maintain physical, social and psychological progress