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Efficient Procedure to Scheduling Construction Projects at the Planning Phase

programming. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Retrieved from Ibrahim, M., Amund, B., Nabil, D. (2012). Causes of Delay in Road Construction Projects. Journal of Management in Engineering (ASCE) , 28 (3), 300–310. Liu, S.-S., Wang, C.-J. (2008). Resource-constrained construction project scheduling model for profit maximization considering cash flow. Automation in Construction, 17 (8), 966–974. Ma, G., Wang, A., Li, N., Gu, L., Ai, Q. (2014). Improved Critical Chain Project

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The Paradigm Shifts of Community Governance in China

-31329269.html Xia, X. (2002). The Origin & Flow of Community Governance Theories in China. Peking University Journal , 127–134. Xie, L. (June 2007). An Interpretation of a Project of Home Owner Autonomy. Property Management of China , 46–47. Xue, W. (25 January 2018). How to Understand The Statement “Party is Omni-controller”? Retrieved from People Net Yan, Y. (2003). The Social Experiment in Ding County (Digest Version). China Reform , 56–57. Yang, T. (2013). The Overview of

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Cost Estimate Reduction Using Analogue Building Materials

:// Netzsch. (n.d.). Heat Flow Meter - HFM 436 Lambda [Brochure]. Retrieved May 14, 2016, from Newton, L., & Christian, J. (2006). Impact of quality on building costs. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 12(4), 199-206. Ozoliņš, A. (2014). Jāizslēdz kļūdas iespējamības būvniecībā [The possibility of errors in construction.]. Retrieved April 30, 2016, from http

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Foreign Direct Investment and Special Economic Zones in Latvia

References Akkermans, D. H. M. (2017). Net Profit Flow per Country From 1980 to 2009: The Long-Term Effects of Foreign Direct Investment. PLoS ONE, 12(6), e0179244. Andonova, V. G., Nikolov, M., Dimovska, G., & Mitevski, I. (2016). Benefits and Costs From Foreign Direct Investments in the Technological Industrial Development Zones Case: Macedonia in the Period 2007-2014 Center for Economic Analyses - C ЕА Skopje, 1-42. Retrieved from

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A Review of Empirical Studies on FDI Determinants

References Abbott, A., Cushman, D. O., & De Vita, G. (2012). Exchange Rate Regimes and Foreign Direct Investment Flows to Developing Countries. Review of international economics, 20(1), 95-107. Ang, J. B. (2008). Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Malaysia. Journal of policy modeling, 30(1), 185-189. Asiedu, E. (2002). On the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries: Is Africa

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Arguments Used for Restricting International Real Property Transactions: Case Study of Latvia

. XXVIII Congreso ALAS, Recife, Brasil, en los días 6-11 de setiembre de 2011. Retrieved from Fuerst, F., Milcheva, S., & Baum, A. (2015). Cross-Border Capital Flows into Real Estate. Real Estate Finance (Aspen Publishers Inc.). 31(3), 103-122. Retrieved from German, L., Schoneveld, G., & Mwangi, E. (2013

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The Environmental and Economic Substantiation of Investments in Green Buildings

investments-A discounted cash flow approach. Sustainable Cities and Society, 18, 66-73. Colantonio, A. (2008). Traditional and Emerging Prospects in Social Sustainability. Measuring Social Sustainability: Best Practice from Urban Renewal in the EU 2008/02: EIBURS Working Paper Series. Retrieved from Coulson, N. E., Liu, C. H., & Villupuram, S. V. (2013). Urban economic base as a catalyst for movements

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