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Measurement of platelet p-selectin expression by flow cytometry in patients with acute ischemic stroke

, lacunar infarcts and multiple infarct dementias. Thromb Res 1993;72: 295–304. 14. Michelson AD. Flow cytometry: a clinical test of platelet function. Blood 1996;87:4925 – 36. 15. Minamino T, Kitakaze M, Sanada S, Asanuma H, Kurotobi T, et al. Increased expression of P-selectin on platelets is a risk factor for silent cerebral infarction in patients with atrial fibrillation: role of nitric oxide. Circulation 1998;98:1721–27. 16. Shattil SJ, Cunningham M, Hoxie JA. Detection of activated platelets in whole blood using activation-dependent monoclonal

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Endovascular treatment of unruptured aneurysms of cavernous and ophthalmic segment of internal carotid artery with flow diverter device Pipeline

solution for the treatment of such type of aneurysms has led to the development of a new generation of stents which are densely braided and which retain most of the blood flow within the lumen of the stent. This results in the diversion of the blood flow in the aneurysmatic sac and its slowing down which leads to the formation of a thrombus and subsequent scarification of the thrombus. 7 At the end of this process, the aneurysm is completely excluded from the circulation. 8 , 9 This method was used only in the cavernous sinus and the ophthalmic part of the internal

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The Diagnostic Value of Flow Cytometry Imunophenotyping in an Albanian Patient Population with a Preliminary Clinical Diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

.From pathogenesis to treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Nat Rev Cancer. 2010; 10: 37-50. 5. Montserrat E. New prognostic markers in CLL. Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program. 2006:279-84. 6. Craig FE, Foon KA. Flow Cytometric immunophenotyping for hematologic neoplasms. Blood. 2008; 111: 3941-3967. 7. Ho K. A, Hill S, Preobrazhensky N. S, Miller E. M, Chen Z, Bahler WD. Small B-Cell Neoplasms With Typical Mantle Cell Lymphoma Immunophenotypes Often Include Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemias. AJCP. 2009;131: 27

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Preliminary Results of Introducing the Method Multiparameter Flow Cytometry in Patients with Acute Leukemia in the Republic of Macedonia

Craig FE, Foon KA. Flow cytometric immunophenotyping for hematologic neoplasms. Blood 2008;111(8):3941-3967. doi:10.1182/blood-2007-11-120535 PMID:18198345 Stasi R, Taylor CG, Venditti A, et al. Contribution of immunophenotypic and genotypic analysis to the diagnosis of acute leukemia. Ann Hematol. 1995;71:13-27. doi:10.1007/BF01696228 PMID:7632814 Jennings CD, Foon KA. Recent advances in flow cytometry: application to the diagnosis of hematologic malignancy. Blood. 1997; 90:2863-2892. PMID:9376567

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Oral and Salivary Changes in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

, consequences and corrective measures. Semin Dial 1998; 11: 25-32. 18. Dirschnabel AJ, et al . Clinical oral findings in dialysis and kidney-transplant patients. 2001; 42(2): 127-123. 19. Keles M, Tozoglu U, Uyanik A, et al . Does peritoneal dialysis affect halitosis in patients with end-stage renal disease? Perit Dial Int 2011; 31(2): 168-172. 20. Martins C, Siqueira WL, Guimaraes Primo LS. Oral and salivary flow characteristics of a group of Brazilian children and adolescents with chronic renal failure

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Noninvasive Functional Characterization of Coronary Plaques by Coronary Computed Tomography – Beyond the Morphology of Vulnerable Plaques

atherosclerotic plaque and vascular remodelling: current understanding and remaining questions. Cardiovasc Res . 2012;96:234-243. 12. Slager CJ, Wentzel JJ, Gijsen FJH, et al. The role of shear stress in the generation of rupture-prone vulnerable plaques. Nat Clin Pract Cardiovasc Med . 2005;2:401-407. 13. Fearon WF, Nishi T, De Bruyne B, et al. Clinical Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness of Fractional Flow Reserve-Guided Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Three-Year Follow-Up of the FAME 2 Trial (Fractional Flow

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Use of Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Flaps in Post Burn Reconstruction - Two Cases Report

flaps. Br J Plast Surg. 1987;40:333-41. Dautel G, Merle M. Direct and reverse dorsal metacarpal flaps. Br J Plast Surg. 1992;45:123. Dautel G, Merle M. Dorsal metacarpal reverse flaps: Anatomical basis and clinical applications. J Hand Surg Br. 1991; 16:400. Moss SH, Schwartz KS, von Drasek-Ascher G, et al. Digital venous anatomy. J Hand Surg Am. 1985;10:473. Torii S, Namiki Y, Mori R. Reverse flow island flap: Clinical report and venous drainage. Plast Reconstr

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Fractional Flow Reserve Method in Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory without Cardiosurgical Backup: Initial Experiences

References 1. De Bruyne B, Pijls NH, Paulus WJ, et al. Transstenotic coronary pressure gradient measurement in humans: in vitro and in vivo evaluation of a new pressure monitoring angioplasty guide wire. J Am Coll Cardiol . 1993; 22:119-26. 2. De Bruyne B, Bartunek J, Sys SU, et al. Simultaneous coronary pressure and flow velocity measurements in humans. Feasibility, reproducibility, and hemodynamic dependence of coronary flow velocity reserve, hyperemic flow versus pressure slope index, and fractional flow reserve

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Early Postnatal Changes in the Superior Mesenteric Artery Blood Flow Parameters in Late Preterm Newborns - A Pilot Study

microcirculation: still a mystery? British Journal of Anaesthesia 2010; 105 (4): 393 - 6. 5. Keese M, Schmitz-Rixen T, Schmandra T. Chronic mesenteric ischemia: Time to remember open Revascularization. World J Gastroenterol 2013; 19 (9): 1333 - 1337. 6. Papacci P, Giannantonio C, Cota F et al. Neonatal colour Doppler ultrasound study: normal values of abdominal blood flow velocities in the neonate during the first month of life. Pediatr Radiol 2009; 39: 328 - 335. 7. Matasova K, Zibolen M, Kolarovszka H et al. Early postnatal

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Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences
The Journal of ID Design 2012/DOOEL Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on behalf of the Macedonian Donor Registry (MKDR), Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
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