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Debris-flow activity in five adjacent gullies in a limestone mountain range

References Alestalo J, 1971. Dendrochronological interpretation of geomorphic processes. Fennia 105: 1-140. Ballesteros JA, Eguibar M, Bodoque JM, Díez A, Stoffel M and Gutiérrez I, 2011. Estimating flash flood discharge in an ungauged mountain catchment with 2D hydraulic models and dendrogeo-morphic paleostage indicators. Hydrological Processes 25: 970-979, DOI 10.1002/hyp.7888. Baumann F and Kaiser KF, 1999. The Multetta debris fan, eastern Swiss Alps: a 500-year debris flow chronology. Arctic, Antarctic, and

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Dendrochronological Records of Debris Flow and Avalanche Activity in a Mid-Mountain Forest Zone (Eastern Sudetes — Central Europe)

References Abe K and Iwamoto K, 1986. An evaluation of tree-root effect on slope stability by tree-root strength. Journal Japanese Forest Society 68: 505-510. Bardou E and Delaloye R, 2004. Effects of ground freezing and snow avalanche deposits on debris flows in alpine environments. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 4: 519-530. Baumann F and Kaiser KF, 1999. The Multetta Debris Fan, Eastern Swiss Alps: A 500-year Debris Flow Chronology. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine

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Quantitative Visualisation of Compressible Flows

, “Investigation of flow separation on a supercritical airfoil”, Journal of Aircraft, No. 26, pp. 1032-1039. [5] Adrian R.J., 1991, “Particle-imaging techniques for experimental fluid mechanics”, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, No. 23, pp. 261-304. [6] Wilert C.E., Gharib M., 1991, “Digital particle image velocimetry”, Experiments in Fluids, No. 10, pp. 181-193. [7] Parsad A.K., 2000, “Stereoscopic particle image velocimetry”, Experiments in Fluids, No. 29, pp. 103-116. [8] Scarano F., 2013, “Tomographic PIV: principles and practice”, Measurement

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Human-planted alder trees as a protection against debris flows (a dendrochronological study from the Moxi Basin, Southwestern China)

[1] Bardou E and Delaloye R, 2004. Effects of ground freezing and snow avalanche deposits on debris flows in alpine environments. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 4(4): 519–530, DOI 10.5194/nhess-4-519-2004. [2] Baumann F and Kaiser KF, 1999. The Multetta debris fan, eastern Swiss Alps: a 500-year debris flow chronology. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 31(2): 128–134, DOI 10.2307/1552601. [3

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Effect of using insert on the flow pressure in cylindrical silo

1 Introduction The use of cylindrical silo with discharge hopper is widespread in many industries, in which materials are stored and processed until they are used in industry. Finding the dynamic flow pressure produced on the wall and the hopper of a silo during filling and discharging is one of the most important stages when designing silo and operating it safely. [ 3 ] In addition to that, the type of flow patterns produced in the silo has a significant effect on the distribution of flow pressure exerted on the silo wall and hopper. It has been agreed that

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Large-volume gravity flow deposits in the Central Carpathian Paleogene Basin (Orava region, Slovakia): evidence for hyperpycnal river discharge in deep-sea fans

and provenance of thick volcaniclastic flows in the Cretan Basin, South Aegean Sea. Mar. Geol. 240, 113-135. Anastasakis G. & Pe-Piper G. 2006: An 18 m thick volcaniclastic interval in Pantelleria Trough, Sicily Channel, deposited from a large gravitative flow during the Green Tuff eruption. Mar. Geol. 231, 201-219. Andresen A. & Bjerrum L. 1967: Slides in subaqueous slopes in loose sands and silts. In: Richards A.F. (Ed.): Marine geotechnique. University of Illinois Press , Urbana, 221-239. Baráth I. & Kováč M

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Estimation of the Degree of Extremality of High-Water Flows in Selected Rivers in Poland in 1971–2006

], Prace PIHM , 100, 17-32. Węglarczyk S., 2005, Probabilistyczna interpretacja krzywej czasu przewyższenia przepływu [Probabilistic interpretation of the flow-duration curve], Wiad. Instytutu Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej , XXVIII (XLIX), 3-4, 51-63. Zwoliński Z., 2008, Wybrane zjawiska ekstremalne pojezierzy polskich [Selected extreme events of Polish lakelands], Landform Analysis , 8, 98-106.

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Groundwater flow modelling of main groundwater reservoirs in the Gdańsk region, Poland

Gdańsk Upper Cretaceous subbasin ]. NAG, PIG-PIB, Warszawa. McDonald, M.G. & Harbaugh, A.W., 1996. User’s Documentation for MODFLOW­96, an update to the U.S. Geological Survey Modular Finite­Difference Ground­Water Flow Model . U.S. Geological Survey, Reston. Mikołajków, J. & Sadurski, A. (Eds), 2017. Informator PSH: Główne Zbiorniki Wód Podziemnych w Polsce [ PHS Communicant: Major Groundwater Reservoirs of Poland ]. PIG-PIB, Warszawa. Pikies, R. & Zaleszkiewicz, L., 2013. Szczegółowa Mapa Geologiczna Polski w skali 1:50 000, arkusz Gdańsk (27

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Random Vortex Method in Numerical Analysis of 2D Flow Around Circular Cylinder

References [1] AL-JAMAL H., DALTON C., Two-dimensional numerical simulation of a wave with a current past a circular cylinder. Part 1. Inline flow , Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2013, Vol. 37, 7521-7538. [2] CATALANO P., WANG M., IACCARINO G., MOIN P., Numerical simulation of the flow around a circular cylinder at high Reynolds numbers , Int. J. of Heat and Fluid Flow, 2003, Vol. 24, 463-469. [3] FALLAH K., FARDAD A., FATTAHI E., SEDAGHATI ZADEH N., GHADERI A., Numerical simulation of planar shear flow passing a rotating cylinder at low Reynolds

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Numerical solution through mathematical modelling of unsteady MHD flow past a semi-infinite vertical moving plate with chemical reaction and radiation

number 𝜇 Dynamic viscosity 𝜌 Density 𝜔 Very small numerical number F(t) Function of t 𝜑 1 Volume fraction m Effective magnetic number 1 Introduction Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) is concerned with the study of the interaction between magnetic fields and fluid conductors of electricity. The body force acting on the fluid is the Lorentz force that arises when electric current flows at an angle to the direction of an impressed magnetic field. Due to increasing applications of MHD, researchers have been attracted to study the various types of flow

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