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Calculating Study of the Turbine at Last Stage Flow Field in the Small Volume Flow Condition

nitride titanium nitride composite coating preparation and basic research. Central South University. 5. W. L. Xu, J. D. Wang, D.R. Chen, F. B. Liu, 2010.Last stage of turbine blade erosion bench design.Journal of Tsinghua UniversityNatural Sciences, 50(8), 1201-1204. 6. J. S. Rao, 1998. Application of fracture mechanics in the failure analysis of a last stage steam turbine blade. Mechanism and Machine Theory. 33, 599-609. 7. Z. B. Zhang, Y. J. Tian, L. H. Cao, Y. Sun, 2013. Numerical analysis of flow field within the

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Debris-flow activity in five adjacent gullies in a limestone mountain range

References Alestalo J, 1971. Dendrochronological interpretation of geomorphic processes. Fennia 105: 1-140. Ballesteros JA, Eguibar M, Bodoque JM, Díez A, Stoffel M and Gutiérrez I, 2011. Estimating flash flood discharge in an ungauged mountain catchment with 2D hydraulic models and dendrogeo-morphic paleostage indicators. Hydrological Processes 25: 970-979, DOI 10.1002/hyp.7888. Baumann F and Kaiser KF, 1999. The Multetta debris fan, eastern Swiss Alps: a 500-year debris flow chronology. Arctic, Antarctic, and

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Dendrochronological Records of Debris Flow and Avalanche Activity in a Mid-Mountain Forest Zone (Eastern Sudetes — Central Europe)

References Abe K and Iwamoto K, 1986. An evaluation of tree-root effect on slope stability by tree-root strength. Journal Japanese Forest Society 68: 505-510. Bardou E and Delaloye R, 2004. Effects of ground freezing and snow avalanche deposits on debris flows in alpine environments. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 4: 519-530. Baumann F and Kaiser KF, 1999. The Multetta Debris Fan, Eastern Swiss Alps: A 500-year Debris Flow Chronology. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine

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Quantitative Visualisation of Compressible Flows

, “Investigation of flow separation on a supercritical airfoil”, Journal of Aircraft, No. 26, pp. 1032-1039. [5] Adrian R.J., 1991, “Particle-imaging techniques for experimental fluid mechanics”, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, No. 23, pp. 261-304. [6] Wilert C.E., Gharib M., 1991, “Digital particle image velocimetry”, Experiments in Fluids, No. 10, pp. 181-193. [7] Parsad A.K., 2000, “Stereoscopic particle image velocimetry”, Experiments in Fluids, No. 29, pp. 103-116. [8] Scarano F., 2013, “Tomographic PIV: principles and practice”, Measurement

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Vertical Distribution of Nearshore Flow Velocity

References 1. Fang Guo-hong, Takashi Ichiye. On the vertical structure of tidal currents in a homogeneous sea [J]. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1983, 73 (1): 65-82. 2. He Bing-ju, Hao Jia-ling. Fractal Study of Vertical Flow Velocity Distribution of Yangtze River Estuary [J]. Water Resources and Power, 2015, 33(12):37-39+31. 3. Kumbhakar M, Ghoshal K. Two dimensional velocity distribution in open channels using Renyi entropy[J]. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications

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Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Viscous Fluid in a Slot between Fixed Surfaces of Revolution

REFERENCES 1. Batażin A.B.: Ljubimow G.A., Regirer C.A., Magnito-gidrodinamiczeskije teczienia w kanałach (in Russian), Nauka, CCCP, 1979, 2. Batchelor G. K.: An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics , Cambridge Press, Cambridge, 1967, 3. Bujurke N. M., Kudenatti R.B.: MHD lubrication flow between rough rectangular plates , Fluid Dynamic Research, 2007, 39, p. 4, 4. Cowling T. G.: Magnetohydrodynamics , Interscience, New York, 1957, 5. Chang C.L., Li Y.M., Huang H.H., Leong J.C.: Analysis of fluid film lubrication of an MHD journal

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Studies of Resistances of Natural Liquid Flow in Helical and Curved Pipes

Gidravlicheskim Soprotivlenijam (Izdanie 3-e, Mashinostroenie, Moscow, 1992). 10. B.S.V.S.R. Krishna, “Prediction of Pressure Drop in Helical Coil with Single Phase Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluid,” International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 2, Iss. 1 (2012). 11. S. Stryczek, Hydrostatic Drive [in Polish] (WNT, Warsaw, 2005). 12. T. Takami, K. Sudou, “Flow through Curved Pipe with Elliptic Section,” Bulletin of JSME, Vol. 27. № 228. pp. 1176-1181 (1984).

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The Prediction of Hull Gesture and Flow Around Ship Based on Taylor Expansion Boundary Element Method

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Chen J.K., Duan W.Y., Zhao B.B., Ma Q.W. : Time domain hybrid TEBEM for 3D hydrodynamics of ship with large flare at forward speed. The 32nd International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies, Dalian, China,, 2017, pp. 23-26. 2. Dai, Y. : Potential flow theory of ship motions in waves . National Defense Industry Publication, Beijing, , 2008. 11-33. 3. Dawson C.W.: A practical computer method for solving ship-wave problems. In: Proceedings of Second International Conference on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics , pp. 30

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Climatic changes on Szczecin Seashore and their impact on river flows

. OLESEN J. E., BINDI M., 2002, Review. Consequences of climate change for European agricultural productivity, land use and policy. European Journal of Agronomy, 16: 239–262. OSUCH M., LAWRENCE D., MERESA H., NAPIÓRKOWSKI J., ROMANOWICZ R., 2016, Projected changes in flood indices in elected catchments in Poland in the 21st century. Stochastic Environmental Rescue Risk Assessment. DOI:10.1007/s00477-016-1296-5. OSUCH M., ROMANOWICZ R., WONG W., 2017, Analysis of low flow indices under varying climatic conditions in Poland. Hydrology Research. DOI: 10

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Effect of using insert on the flow pressure in cylindrical silo

1 Introduction The use of cylindrical silo with discharge hopper is widespread in many industries, in which materials are stored and processed until they are used in industry. Finding the dynamic flow pressure produced on the wall and the hopper of a silo during filling and discharging is one of the most important stages when designing silo and operating it safely. [ 3 ] In addition to that, the type of flow patterns produced in the silo has a significant effect on the distribution of flow pressure exerted on the silo wall and hopper. It has been agreed that

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