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Design of Pyramidal Horn Antenna for 2.45GHz in FEKO for Application in Experimental FSO/RF Hybrid System


Communication technologies are growing for day to day because demand on data sharing is unstoppable. Users require availability of approach to network at all time. Implementation of smart technologies allows communication of all type of devices. Capacity of data flow have to grow. Video formats HD or 4K require transmit on high data speed. Based on the demands many types of different communication systems which are suitable for these speeds were designed. One of these systems is FSO (Free Space Optics). FSO system is based on transmission of optical beams which carry the information. This system allow high data speed comparable with standard optical fiber in range to 10km. One of drawbacks of this system is LOS (Light of Sight) between communication points. The other drawback is sensitivity to weather changes. Optical beams interfere with water particles and cause attenuation on transmission path. The solution is in implementation using hybrid FSO/RF system which combines optical communication system with RF (Radio Frequency) backup link. We realized FSO communication link on Technical University of Košice. Our research is focused on design of appropriate type of antenna for our RF backup link. Our results in this area were published.

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GA/PSO Robust Sliding Mode Control of Aerodynamics in Gas Turbine

. [7] Moghaddam, J. J., and Madani, M., “A decoupled adaptive neuro-fuzzy sliding mode control system to control rotating stall and surge in axial compressors”, Journal of Expert Systems with Applications , Vol. 38, Issue. 4, pp. 4490–4496, April 2011. [8] Zaiet, C., Akhrif, O., and Saydy, L., “Modeling and Non Linear Control of a Gas Turbine”, International Symposium on Industrial Electronics ISIE 2006, 2006, pp. 2688–2694. [9] Fontaine, D., Liao, S., Paduano, J., and Kokotovic, P., “Nonlinear control experiments for rotating on an axial flow compressor

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