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A Comparison of Simplified Two-dimensional Flow Models Exemplified by Water Flow in a Cavern

, jesli to czasopismo. Erturk E., Corke T. C., Gokcol C. (2005) Numerical Solutions of 2-D Steady Incompressible Driven Cavity Flow at High Reynolds Numbers, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids , 48 (7), 747–774. Hahn M. (2013) Master’s thesis: Investigation of the boundary integral method for Stokes flow , University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth. Hirsch C. (1990) Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows , volume 2: Computational Methods for Inviscid and Viscous Flows , Wiley, Hoboken. Issa R. I. (1985) Solution of

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Investigation on Application of Parshall Flume for Flow Measurement of Low-Flow Season in Korea

References Oh, B. D. (2004). Flow Analysis of Parshall Flume Using FLOW-3D Model. Ph. D. dissertation, Chungbuk Nation University, South Korea. International Standards Organization. (1992). Measurement of Liquid Flow in Open Channels - Parshall and SANIIRI Flumes. ISO 9826:1992. Peck, H. (1998). Submerged flows in Parshall flumes. In Proceeding, National Conference, Hydraulic Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers. ASCE, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1155

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Taking into Account Outer Hydrodynamic Pressure in Differential Equation of Variable Flow Rate Fluid Flow for Distributive Pressure Pipelines

References [1] Navoyan, Kh. A. (1975). Examples of calculation for water-passing structures . Kiev. [2] Petrov, G. A. (1964). Hydraulics of variable mass (variable flow rate fluid flow along the path) . Kharkiv: Kh SU. [3] Danilov, Yu. M. (2004). Investigation of turbulent mixing of two-component mixture in a pipe of periodically variable cross-section. Bulletin of Kazan Technological University. №1, pp. 172-179. [4] Levitsky, B. F., Cherniuk, V. V. (1992). Waste Water Discharge Plant . Author’s certificate 1756483 USSR International

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Water surface topology of supercritical junction flow

hydraulic jumps. Exp. Therm. Fluid Sci., 35, 6, 896–909. Christodoulou, G.C., 1993. Incipient hydraulic jump at channel junction. J. Hydraul. Eng., 119, 3, 409–423. Greated, C.A., 1968. Supercritical flow through junctions. La Houille Blanche, 23, 3, 693–695. Hager, W.H., 1989a. Supercritical Flow in Channel Junctions. J. Hydraul. Eng., 115, 5, 595–616. Hager, W.H., 1989b. Transitional Flow in Channel Junctions. J. Hydraul. Eng., 115, 2, 243–259. Hager, W.H., 2010. Wastewater Hydraulics: Theory and Practice. 2nd Edition. Springer Verlag

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Using thermal tracers to estimate flow velocities of shallow flows: laboratory and field experiments

References Abrahams, A.D., Atkinson, J.F., 1993. Relation between grain velocity and sediment concentration in overland flow. Water Resour. Res., 29, 3021-3028. Campbell, C.W., Latif, M.A., Foster, J.W., 1996. Application of thermography to Karst hydrology. J. Cave Karst Studies, 58, 163-167. Chung, J., Grigoropoulos, C.P., 2003. Infrared thermal velocimetry in MEMS-based fluidic devices. J. Microelectromech. S., 12, 365-372. de Lima, R.L.P., 2013. Development of a method using infrared

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Optimal TCSC placement for optimal power flow

References [1] ACHA, E.-FUERTE-ESQUIVEL, C. R.-AMBRIZ-P´EREZ, H.-ANGELES-CAMACHO, C. : FACTS, Modelling and Simulation in Power Networks, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2004. [2] ZHANG, S. P.-REHTANZ, C.-PAL, B. : Flexible AC Transmission Systems: Modelling and Control, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 2006. [3] DOMMEL, H. W.-TINNEY, W. F. : Optimal Power Flow Solutions, IEEE Trans. Power Apparatus and Systems PAS-87 No. 10 (1968), 1866-1876. [4] MARIA, G. A.-FINDLAY, J. A. : A Newton

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Numerical Analysis of a Velocity Distribution of a Fluid Flow Inside a Reversing Chamber

References [1] Bartoszewicz, J., Analiza przepływu płynu przez komorę nawrotną , Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskiej, Poznan 2012. [2] Ih, J.-G., Lee, B.-H., Theoretical prediction of the transmission loss of circular reversing chamber mufflers , Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 112, Iss. 2, pp. 261-272, 1987. [3] Kłosowiak, R., Bartoszewicz, J., Urbaniak, R., Energy transformation in turbulent flow inside reversing chamber , Engineering Mechanics 2017, 23rd International Conference, pp. 466-469, Svratka 2017. [4] Popiolek, T. L

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Unsteady Hartmann Two-Phase Flow: The Riemann-Sum Approximation Approach

References [1] Shail R. (1973): On laminar two-phase flows in magnetohydrodynamics . – Int. J. Engng Sci., vol.11, pp.1103-1108. [2] Rudraiah N., Ramaih B.K. and Rajashekhar B.M. (1975): Hartmann flow over a permeable bed . – Int. J. Eng. Sci., vol.13, pp.1-24. [3] Hartmann J. and Lazarus F. (1937): Hg-Dynamics-II, Experimental investigations on the flow of Mercury in a homogeneous magnetic field . – Det Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab. Mathematisk-Fysiske Meddelelser., XV7. [4] Hartmann J. (1937): Hg-Dynamics-I, theory of Laminar

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Critical Reviews of Load Flow Methods for Well, Ill and Unsolvable Condition

References STOTT, B.: Review of Load-Flow Calculation Methods, Proc. IEEE 62 No. 1 (July 1974), 916-929. WU, F. F.: Theoretical Study of the Convergence of the Fast Decoupled Load Flow, IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 96 No. 2 (Jan/Feb 1977), 269-275. LUO, G. X.—SEMLYEN, A.: Efficient Load Flow for Large Weakly Meshed Networks, IEEE Trans. Power Syst., 5 No. 4 (Nov 1990), 1309-1316. STOTT, B.: Effective Starting Process for Newton-Raphson Load Flows, IEEE

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Outlet Flow Velocity in Circular Culvert

References Bodhaine G. L. (1968) (first printing) Measurement of Peak Discharge at Culverts by Indirect Methods. Techniques of Water Resources Investigation of the United States Geological Survey, U.S. Geological Survey, Washington. Chanson H. (2004) The hydraulics of open channel flow: an introduction, Elsevier, Oxford. Henderson F. M. (1966) Open Channel Flow, Macmillan publishing,New York, London. French R. H. (2007) Open Channel Hydraulics, Water Resources Publications, LLC

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