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Impact of population ageing on hospital consumption and medical demography in metropolitan France: The example of obstetricians

territory experience its right to exist (the territory is considered as a numen) [ 10 ]. Thus, it is necessary to study the daily practices of users, or the flows, to define the experience territory borders. Since the end of the 1980s, the health geographers have been interested in defining the operational health territory [ 11 , 12 ]. Many options have been explored in order to overcome an inappropriate and obsolete geographical division of “health sectorisation” resulting from the hospital law of 1970 [ 13 , 14 ]. The “Juppé Ordinances”, which came into force in

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Establishment of the hemovigilance system in an oncology-based hospital of Nepal: A new starting in the field of blood transfusion in limited resource settings

transfusion First Second Third Four The general appearance of the patient Temperature (°F) Pulse (/min) Blood pressure (mmHg) Respiration (/min) The first few minutes of a blood transfusion are crucial . Therefore, continuous attention needs to be given at least for fifteen minutes and if any reaction is suspected immediately stop the flow, start IV drip, inform BTS Centre, complete the transfusion reaction form, and follow instructions as given in

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