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The Dynamics of Savings Mobilisation in Lesotho

-Regional Private Capital Flows in Eastern and Southern Africa: a Study of South African Investment”. 24. McKinnon, R.I., (1973), Money and Capital in Economic Development, Brookings Institution. 25. Odhiambo, N.M., (2009), “Savings and Economic Growth in South Africa: A Multivariate Causality Test”, Journal of Policy Modeling, 31(5), pp. 708-718. 26. Saltz, I.S., (1999), “An Examination of the Causal Relationship between Savings and Growth in the Third World”, Journal of Economic Finance, Vol. 23, pp. 90-98. 27. Sekantsi, L.P. and Kalebe, K.M., (2015

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Is the Nigerian Stock Market Efficient? Pre and Post 2007-2009 Meltdown Analysis

, Nigeria. 46. Jensen, M.C. & Ruback, R.S., (1983), The market for corporate control: The scientific evidence, Journal of Financial Economics, 11, pp. 5-50. 47. Jensen, M.C. & Warner, J.B., (1988), The distribution of power among corporate managers, shareholders, and directors, Journal of Financial Economics, 20, pp. 3-24. 48. Jensen, M.C., (1986), The agency costs of free cash flows, corporate finance and takeovers, American Economic Review, 76, pp. 323-329. 49. Kaberuka, D., (2009), Start this engine: Africa’s policymakers should prepare for

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Governmental Liquidities Management 2008-2010

References 1. Ananchotikul, N., Zhang, L. (2014), Portfolio Flows, Global Risk Aversion and Asset Prices in Emerging Markets, IMF Working Paper 14/156; 2. Anderson, Phillip, (2007), New Trends and Challenges in Government Debt Management, 3. Blommestein, Hans J., and Turner, Philip, 2011, ―Interactions between Sovereign Debt Management and Monetary Policy under Fiscal Dominance and Financial Instability,‖ (Social Science Research Network); 4. Brits, H., and C. Winder (2005), Payments Are No Free

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How is environmental performance associated with economic growth? A world cross-country analysis

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Globalisation, Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment in Romania

. (2003). Tax incentives for Foreign Direct Investment in the Tax Systems of Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Available at: Accessed 30 June 2016. 14. Huidumac-Petrescu, C.; Joja, R.M.; Hurduzeu, Gh.; Vlad, L.B. (2011). Foreign Direct Investments Expansion - Essential Globalization Factor. Theoretical and Applied Economics, Volume XVIII, No. 1 (554), pp. 163-172. 15. Isac, C.; Dura, C.; Ciurlau, F.C. (2011). The expansion of FDI flows-a major factor of globalization

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What Drives Economic Growth in Some CEE Countries?

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