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Methods and Practices for Institutional Benchmarking based on Research Impact and Competitiveness: A Case Study of ShanghaiTech University

) to enable drilling down analysis, etc. Size of the entities may vary, but the majority of indicators employed are size-independent, enabling assessment of relative competitiveness. Figure 1 Flow diagram of assessment process. Table 1 Establishment of analytic dimensions and indicators for institutional benchmarking. Dimension Category Indicator Description Data Source Research Output Publication counts Number of publications Total publication of research papers InCites, Scival Research Impact Counts of high quality

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Information Science Roles in the Emerging Field of Data Science

that each informs data science. At the most general levels, information science deals with the genesis, flow, use, and preservation of information; computer science deals with algorithms and techniques for computational processes. Data science as a concept emerges from the applications of existing studies of measurement, representation, interpretation, and management to problems in commerce, health, environment, government, and other domains. Each area of human endeavor increasingly leverages our rapidly improving abilities to capture, share, and analyze bit streams

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Trends Analysis of Graphene Research and Development

/region distribution of publications and patents A global map was drawn to illustrate the numbers of patents and publications of each country/region, using the country/region of the first author affiliation as the basis. Top five producer countries were identified for both publications and patents. Then, for top 5 countries, the ratio of patents applied in other four countries to the total patents in each country was calculated, to demonstrate the patent flow in major countries. Description of the leading organizations in R&D Based on the number of papers or patents, we

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Detecting Dynamics of Hot Topics with Alluvial Diagrams: A Timeline Visualization

. From this diagram, scientometrics has undergone constant development and changes in recent years. The Industry cluster had the highest PageRank value in 2011 and also the highest PageRank value in the whole five-year period. The main research contents of the Industry cluster is study of network collaboration among authors, organizations, or nations using scientometric methods, where both the characteristics and influencing factors of collaboration can be identified. This research aims to promote collaboration and drive knowledge flow between industries and

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Patent Citations Analysis and Its Value in Research Evaluation: A Review and a New Approach to Map Technology-relevant Research

matching. For instance, Magerman, van Looy, & Song (2010) discuss text mining techniques to detect similarity between patents and scientific publications. In their recent studies the Leuven researchers remark that caution is needed in the interpretation of SNPRs as indicators of direct knowledge flows from published research to patented technology. It matters whether the patents with SNPRs originate from knowledge (R&D performing) institutions such as universities and other public research institutes, or from companies. Also there are substantial differences between

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Data Science Altmetrics

.1002/asi.23477 . Mohammadi E. Thelwall M. Kousha K. 2016 Can Mendeley bookmarks reflect readership? A survey of user motivations Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 67 5 1198 1209 10.1002/asi.23477 Mohammadi, E., & Thelwall, M. (2014). Mendeley readership altmetrics for the social sciences and humanities: Research evaluation and knowledge flows. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 65(8), 1627–1638. 10.1002/asi.23071 Mohammadi E. Thelwall M. 2014 Mendeley readership altmetrics for the

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Understanding the Correlations between Social Attention and Topic Trends of Scientific Publications

(2012) made a prediction of magnetic sub-storms using a state-space model, generating outputs for storm events that reasonably reproduce the observed values, which demonstrates its prediction capability. Dong et al. (2014) focused on developing flexible and explicitly multivariate state-space models for network flow rate and mean-speed predictions. Using two-minute measurements from an urban freeway network, they provided practical guidance for selecting the most appropriate models for congested and non-congested conditions. Ghosh et al. (2014) introduced

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Functions of Uni- and Multi-citations: Implications for Weighted Citation Analysis

a preliminary test of this basic assumption, which underlies frequency-weighted citation analysis. Its result is expected to provoke further discussions and studies in this area. Further studies will be important for assessing and improving the practice of weighted citation analysis which have been attracting more interest as a solution to one of the fundamental concerns regarding citation analysis. 1.1 Research Questions If the signal to be detected in citation analysis is the direct and substantial flow of knowledge from the cited to the citing papers

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Insight into the Disciplinary Structure of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

forecasting A necessity of interdisciplinary researches. Comptes Rendus Geoscience 347 1 35 42 Freeman, L. (1977). A set of measures of centrality based upon betweenness. Sociometry, 40(1), 35–41. 10.2307/3033543 Freeman L. 1977 A set of measures of centrality based upon betweenness Sociometry 40 1 35 41 Freeman, L.C., Borgatti, S.P., & White, D.R. (1991). Centrality in valued graphs—A measure of betweenness based on network flow. Social Networks, 13(2), 141–154. 10.1016/0378-8733(91)90017-N Freeman L.C. Borgatti S.P. White D.R. 1991 Centrality

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Topic Detection Based on Weak Tie Analysis: A Case Study of LIS Research

theories ( Granovetter, 1973 & 1983 ) describe how weak ties enable the flows of information between different groups, especially the flows of novel resources and information ( Baer, 2010 ; Burt, 2004 ; Poleacovschi & Javernickwill, 2015 ). The weak co-occurrence strength between keywords stands for the weak ties between the topics. Theoretically, such weak ties are important for improving the breadth and depth of knowledge diffusion, especially the knowledge diffusion of interdisciplinary sciences. It is therefore meaningful to investigate the roles and functions of

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