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Indoor air pollution and the contribution of biosensors

; 238: p. 71-75. 94. Wan H, Yin H, Lin L, Zeng X,Mason AJ, Miniaturized planar room temperature ionic liquid electrochemical gas sensor for rapid multiple gas pollutants monitoring. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2018; 255: p. 638-646. 95. Kuberský P, Syrový T, Hamáček A, Nešpůrek S,Syrová L, Towards a fully printed electrochemical NO2 sensor on a flexible substrate using ionic liquid based polymer electrolyte. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015; 209: p. 1084-1090. 96. Rao Z, Liu L, Xie J,Zeng Y, Development of a benzene vapour sensor

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Direct localised measurement of electrical resistivity profile in rat and embryonic chick retinas using a microprobe

resistivity is linearly dependent on the log PRF for both the species. For embryonic chicks, owing to similarity in the data across various trials, it can be observed that there is a unique PRF for each resistivity. On the contrary, the three rat trials suggest multiple PRFs for each resistivity. Fig. 11 PRF vs. resistivity plots for the five embryonic chick trials. In general, a good reproducibility of resistivities at a particular PRF in the trials was observed. Discussion To the best of our knowledge, planar, bipolar microelectrodes on a flexible

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