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Idyll and Emotional Reality at the Dawn of French Romance

:// , consulted on the 26 th of April 2017. The Psychomachia of Prudentius. Master’s thesis , ed. Louis B. Snider. Chicago: Loyola Press, 1938. Tillich, P. (1972). A History of Christian Thought, from Its Judaic and Hellenistic Origins to Existentialism , ed. Carl E. Braaten. New York: Harper & Row, Touchstone. Vincensini, J.-J. (2009). “Introduction”. Le Récit idyllique…. . 7-26. Vuagnoux-Uhlig, M. (2009). Le couple en herbe: “Galeran de Bretagne” et “L'Escoufle” à la lumière du roman idyllique médiéval . Geneva: Droz.

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The “Christian Spirit” of Capitalism and the Protestant Reformation, between Structuralist Analysis and Historical Evidence

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Mainstream Media Discourse! Or the Divine Word of the Postmodern?

Noam Chomsky. (1988). Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass media . NY: Pantheon Books. Print. History .< > Hussain, E. and M. Jahanzaib. (2015). “Genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.” Daily Times Pakistan . Web. 06 Jun. 2015. < > Husserl, E. (2008). Historical Dictionary of Existentialism . Ed. Stephen Michelman. Toronto: The Scarecrow Press. Print. “ISIS Sex Atrocities: Child rape, Forced Virginity Surgeries Exposed in UN

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Can urban environmental problems be overcome? The case of Skopje–world’s most polluted city

.01.2018. Peterson, J., 2015: Existentialism: Intro to biology and psychometrics (lecture). Toronto: University of Toronto, 4 March 2015. Petrović, B., 2016: The Haussmannian Paris and the neoclassical Skopje (The Skopje 2014 project). In: Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications, Vol. 9(5), pp. 23-33. Available at:, DoA: 18.01.2018. Platt, R.H., Rowntree, R.A. and Muick, P.C., 1994: The eco Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press. Pojani, D., 2017: Cities as

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