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Effective Factors on Project Success in Malaysian Construction Industry


Although success is a word that encapsulates a general and wide idea and it is challenging to provide a definite and a consensus definition from all individuals concerned, for many years, there has been a growing interest in identification of the success factors and the relationship with project success. In this research, the main objective investigates the relationship between top management, project mission, personnel, communication and Schedule/Plan and project success in construction industry in Malaysia. A survey was conducted among Managers and Employees of construction companies registered with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) of Malaysia and the correlation and regression analysis was carried out in order to test the hypotheses of the study. Key areas are now offered that practitioners and academics should further explore to contribute to the knowledge body on project success and to explore in more details which factors affect project success in construction industry in Malaysia.

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Exploration of Regeneration Potential of Extinct Plants Starting From Old Seeds, by in Vitro Technology

References [1] Burnouf-Radosevich M., Paupardin C., 1985. Vegetative Propagation of Chenopodium quinoa by Shoot Tip Culture, American Journal of Botany, Vol. 72, No. 2, pp. 278-283 [2] Benedec D, Hanganu D, Oniga I, Filip L, Bischin C, Silaghi-Dumitrescu R, Tiperciuc B, Vlase L, 2016. Achillea schurii Flowers: Chemical, Antioxidant, and Antimicrobial Investigations. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), PubMed, Volume: 21 Issue: 8 Pages [3] Danso, K. E. and Ford-Lioyd, B. V. 2003. Encapsulation of Nodal Cutting and

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Multi-phase flow assessment for the fermentation process in mono-substrate reactor with skeleton bed

on oxygen distribution in islets organs. Transplantation. Vol. 57 p. 1308–1314. S kowron K., B auza -K aszewska J., K aczmarek A., B udzyńska A, G ospodarek E. 2015. Mikrobiologiczne aspekty gospodarki gnojowicą [Microbiological aspects of slurry management]. Postępy Mikrobiologii. T. 54. Nr 3 p. 235–249. U ludag H., de V os P., T resco P.A. 2000. Technology of mammalian cell encapsulation. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. Vol. 42. No. 1–2 p. 29–64. W ałowski G. 2017. Fenomenologiczne ujęcie hydrodynamiki przepływu gazu przez struktury

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