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Stadtentwicklung in der VR China — geschlossene und offene Phasen der Urbanisierung

dauerhaft an ihre Arbeitseinheit gebunden, von der sie am Ende in nahezu allen Lebensbereichen abhängig waren. Die städtischen Arbeitseinheiten (D anweis) Die Arbeitseinheit wurde damit die grundlegende gesellschaftliche Einheit in den Städten, deren interne zellulare Struktur auch heute noch räumlich zu fassen ist. Nahezu alle Arbeitseinheiten sind durch Mauern abgeschlossen; die Eingangstore werden kontrolliert. Lü/Perry formulierten: „Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the danwei is its encapsulation as a community and social cell. In some cases, the

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Multi-phase flow assessment for the fermentation process in mono-substrate reactor with skeleton bed

on oxygen distribution in islets organs. Transplantation. Vol. 57 p. 1308–1314. S kowron K., B auza -K aszewska J., K aczmarek A., B udzyńska A, G ospodarek E. 2015. Mikrobiologiczne aspekty gospodarki gnojowicą [Microbiological aspects of slurry management]. Postępy Mikrobiologii. T. 54. Nr 3 p. 235–249. U ludag H., de V os P., T resco P.A. 2000. Technology of mammalian cell encapsulation. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. Vol. 42. No. 1–2 p. 29–64. W ałowski G. 2017. Fenomenologiczne ujęcie hydrodynamiki przepływu gazu przez struktury

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German Cities in the World City Network
Some Observations

for such intercity research, all encapsulated in the call for the study of agency: To embrace innovation in the conceptual approach of studying inter-city relations by moving away from the firm and office/subsidiary as the main unit of analysis by considering the agency of the individual and the ways in which firms penetrate new markets through more flexible modes of ‘non-presence’ (e.g. strategic alliances/networks; franchises; business travel) rather than 100% wholly-owned subsidiaries and office complexes. To accept the qualitative approach as a means of

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Integrative Planning of Post-suburban Growth in the Glatt Valley (Switzerland)

socioeconomic processes that support major urban centres and facilitate the thickening and stretching of an urban fabric across territories. [...] Everyday life refers to the social routines, everyday practices and forms of life that emerge (a) as diverse places, territories and landscapes are operationalized in relation to agglomerations, and (b) as a broader urban fabric is thickened and stretched across territories and scales” ( Brenner/Schmid 2015 : 171). This idea encapsulates the notion of post-suburban transformation extending to the municipalities that are wedged

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The planner's subjective destitution: towards a hysterical-analytical triad of planning theory-research-practice

commanding position and making use of the master's discourse. As a result, the 'master' subject-planner emerges and, due to their disregard for the production of knowledge (as long as it serves their purpose), bypasses research to directly encapsulate the exercise of planning in a standardising manner. Think, for example, of the principles emanated from the Congrés International d'Achitecture Moderne (CIAM) putting forward the idea that social problems could be, first, reverted and, in the long run, prevented by impinging a 'perfect' geometrical form upon societies. This

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Living memorial and frozen monuments: the role of social practice in memorial sites

decisions and policy actions (e.g. urban regeneration plans, development priorities) ( Tölle 2010 ). Taking into account that memory (both personal and collective) is selective and in constant reformulation, the endeavour to install a monument encapsulating the dynamism of memory and at the same time have capacity to engage with social practices seems quite a challenge. Hence, recognising the power lies in preselected memories which have taken physical shape and are installed in a public place, political regimes are usually eager to produce and control emblematic

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“East meets West” – on studying “Eastern” housing estates through “Western” concepts and approaches

movement, something that escapes even representation – the (at first sight) mundane, banal activities, situations, events and routines of “just another” day in the life of the HE inhabitants (like waiting for a bus, shopping in a grocery store, looking for a place to park the car) and the myriad of other actions associated with them – activities and processes so evident that they are, in the end, not evident at all. In sum, everyday practices encapsulate the ways we adapt, copy with, interact and express ourselves (i.e. create our identities) within a given environment

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