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Encapsulation of Gallic Acid with Acid-Modified Low Dextrose Equivalent Potato Starch Using Spray-and Freeze-Drying Techniques

REFERENCES 1. Barbosa M.I.M.J., Borsarelli C.D., Mercadante Z., Light stability of spray-dried bixin encapsulated with different edible polysaccharide preparations. Food. Res. Int., 2005, 38, 989–994. 2. Barrett E.P., Joyner L.G., Halenda P.P., The determination of pore volume and area distributions in porous substances. I. Computations form nitrogen isotherms. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1951, 73, 373–380. 3. Bhandari B., Howes T., Relating the stickiness property of foods undergoing drying and dried products to their surface energetics. Dry. Technol

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The Storage Efficiency of Immobilized Bradyrhizobium japonicum Strain Using Encapsulation Method

legume inoculants. In: Methods for evaluation biological nitrogen fixation, Begerson F.J. (Ed.) Wiley, New York. Uludag H., De Vos P., Tresco P.A. (2000): Technology of mammalian cell encapsulation. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews , 42 (1-2): 29-64. Vemmer M., Patel A.V. (2013): Review of encapsulation methods suitable for microbial biological control agents. Biological Control, 67: 380-389. Wittaya-Areekul S., Kruenate J., Prahsarn C. (2006): Preparation and in vitro evaluation of mucoadhesive properties of alginate/chitosan microparticles containing

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Employment of encapsulation-dehydration method for liquid nitrogen cryopreservation of ornamental plant explants propagated in vitro

study using Ribes L. Biodiversity and Conservation 10(6): 939-949. REED B.M., DENOMA J.M., LUO J., CHANG Y., TOWILL L., 1998. Cryopreservation and long term storage of pear germplasm. In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. - Plant 34: 256-260. TALAGI H., 2000. Cryopreservation of tropical plant germplasm. Engelmann F., Takagi H. (eds). Current Research Progress and Apliction, IPGRI Rome, Italy: 178-193. WANG Q.C., TANNE E., ARAV A., GAFNY R., 2000. Cryopreservation of in vitrogrown shoot tips of grapevine by encapsulation

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Cryopreservation of in vitro-grown shoot tips of chrysanthemum by encapsulation-dehydration

References Antony J.J.J., Sinniah U.R., Keng C.L., Pobathy R., Khoddamzadeh A.A., Subramaniam S., 2011. Selected potential encapsulation-dehydration parameters on Dendrobium ‘Bobby Messina’ protocorm-like bodies using TTC analysis. Aust. J. Crop. Sci. 5(13): 1817-1822. Engelmann F., 2008. The development of encapsulation dehydration. In: Plant Cryopreservation: A practical guide. B.M. Reed (ed.), Springer, Corvallis. Engelmann F., 2011. Use of biotechnology for conservation of plant biodiversity. In

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Effects of Encapsulated Fish Oil by Polymerized Whey Protein on the Textural and Sensory Characteristics of Low-Fat Yogurt

-water interfaces: Interplay between protein structure and emulsion stability. Langmuir, 2012, 28, 2357-2367. 60. Zhang T., McCarthy J., Wang G., Liu Y., Guo M., Physiochemical properties, microstructure, and probiotic survivability of low-fat goats’ milk yogurt using heat-treated whey protein concentrate as fat replacer. J. Food Sci., 2015, 80, M788-M794. 61. Zhang T.H., Jiang N., Guo M.R., Functional properties of polymerized whey protein after encapsulation of oils. J. Food Sci. Tech., 2013, 31, 21-25(in Chinese; English abstract).

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Germination behavior of the extremely rare Hladnikia pastinacifolia Rchb. (Apiaceae) – a Pleistocene in situ survivor

Anthriscus sylvestris (Apiaceae). Flora 195, 245–251. Černý, T., Petřík, P., Boublík, K., Kolbek, J., 2006: Habitat requirements of Cardaminopsis petraea – rare and relict species of the Czech Republic. Biologia 61, 51–61. Ciringer, T., Martín, C., Sajna, N., Kaligarič, M., Ambrožič-Dolinšek, J., 2018: Cryopreservation of an endangered Hladnikia pastinacifolia Rchb. by shoot tip encapsulation-dehydration and encapsulation-vitrification. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant, 1–11.Čušin, B., 2004: Hladnikia pastinacifolia Rchb. In: Čušin, B

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Effect of zinc oxide on liveweight, reproductive organ dimensions and spermatozoa production of Archachatina marginata during dry season

., Jung D. Y., Kang S. Y., Ko Y. H., Ha D. M., Kwon C. H., Park M. J., Han J. H., Jang I., Lee C. Y. (2015): Effects of dietary supplementation of a zinc oxide product encapsulated with lipid on growth performance, intestinal morphology, and digestive enzyme activities in weanling pigs. Animal Feed Science and Technology 200: 112 – 117. Rheman S., Islam M. L., Shah M. M. R., Mondal S., Alan M. J. (2002): Observation on the fecundity and gonadosomatic index (GSI) of gray mullet Liza parisa (Ham.). Journal of Biological Science 2: 690 – 693. Saleh A

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Forestry Studies
Metsanduslikud Uurimused; The Journal of Estonian University of Life Sciences
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α- and β-Carotene Stability During Storage of Microspheres Obtained from Spray-Dried Microencapsulation Technology

lycopene, β-carotene and ascorbic acid in tomatoes during hot air drying. LWT – Food Sci. Technol., 2013, 50, 172–176. 11. Desobry S.A., Netto F.M., Labuza T.P., Comparison of spraydrying, drum-drying and freeze-drying for β-carotene encapsulation and preservation. J. Food Sci., 1997, 62, 1158–1162. 12. Dickinson E., Elverson D.J., Murray B.S., On the film-forming and emulsion stabilizing properties of gum arabic: dilution and flocculation aspects. Food Hydrocoll., 1989, 3, 101–114. 13. Elizalde B., Herrera M., Buera M., Retention of β

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Production of Synseed for Hybrid Cymbidium Using Protocorm-Like Bodies
Short communication

-100. Chand S., Singh AK. 2004. Plant regeneration from encapsulated nodal segments of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. - a timber yielding leguminous tree. J. PLANT PHYSIOL. 161: 237-243. Chetia S., Deka P.C., Devi J. 1998. Germination of fresh and stored encapsulated protocorms of orchids. INDIAN J. EXP. BIOL. 36: 108-111. Corrie S., Tandon P. 1993. Propagation of Cymbidium giganteum Wall. through high frequency conversion of encapsulated protocorms under in vitro and in vivo conditions. INDIAN J. EXP. BIOL. 31: 61-64. Deb C

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