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Influence of bioremediation stimulators in soil on development of oat seedlings (Avena sativa) and their aminopeptidase activity / Wpływ pozostałości substancji ropopochodnych w glebie na rozwój owsa i aktywność aminopeptydazową

, S. & Huffaker, R.C. (1988). Characterizaton and subcellular localization of aminopeptidases in senescing barley leaves, Plant Physiology, 87, pp. 894-897. [15] Wachsmuth, E.D., Fritze, I. & Pfeiderer, G. (1966). An aminopeptidase occurring in pig kidney. II A study on the mechanism of the hydrolysis, Biochemistry, 5, pp. 175-182. [16] Vassilev, N., Vassileva, M., Azcon, R. & Medina, A. (2001). Interactions of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus with free or co-encapsulated cells of Rhizobium trifolii and Yarrowia lipolytica inoculated

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