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Pluralism and Conflict: The Debate about “Russian Values” and Politics of Identity

bourgeoisie (whose elite was formed by the Old Believers, primarily the popovts .) did not want to be pawns of the obsolete bureaucratic system serving autocracy. The efficiency of their economic activity demanded from them political action aimed at constraining the power of the state and consolidating civil rights and liberties. The richest Old Believers financed the formation of the milieu wherein liberal values, opposition to the state control and protest against police abuses were promulgated ( Pyzhikov 2013 , 634). Unlike intelligentsi . liberals, rich merchants did

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Convergence of Social Marketing and Public Administration: Democratizing Value Creation


This article aims to explain the interface between advances in civilization and advances in communication. The article also addresses the inadequacy of public administration literature to explain why communication media is important to its theory and practice. Subsequently, the article explicates why communication media contribute to the public administrator’s ability to improve the quality of democracy. The literature on communication media and public administration provide conceptual data that indicates how communication media continuously contributed to the public administrator’s ability to manage large disparate social-economic units. Network theory and administrative communication theory indicate why communication networks improve institutional effectiveness and efficiency. The literature confirms the need for clarity on how the interface between communication media and public administration increases public value and improves the quality of democracy. Network theory is a viable strategy for increasing the public administrators’ ability to increase public value.

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Migration Discourse in Slovak Politics. Context and Content of Migration in Political Discourse: European Values versus Campaign Rhetoric

context in selected newspapers that combine simultaneously a high readership and a range of (different) political views. Considering this, we selected two newspapers from Slovakia, SME (liberal, right wing oriented) and Pravda (center-left oriented). As already mentioned, 420 messages were analyzed. Migration Discourse in the Slovak Republic The migration crisis that hit Europe at the beginning of the year 2015 significantly influenced not only the inner view on the functionality and efficiency of the European Union, but it also changed the mood and the

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