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Land Administration and Land Consolidation as Part of Austrian Land Management


Land administration and land consolidation are two pillars of the Austrian land management sharing a long tradition and duties defined by the constitution. Land administration supports measures of land consolidation with cadastre data, land registry data and other geo–technical data. New methods and instruments of geodata assessment provides a more detailed information about land and its changes. The geo–products are contributing to an improved process efficiency of land consolidation authorities. In addition, the role of land consolidation changed from an instrument to improve farming structures to a multifunctional tool of land management.

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The Support of Agricultural Land Through the “Central European Initiative on Agricultural Land Protection”

Regions. The implementation of the Soil Thematic Strategy and on–going activities. COM (2012) 46 final. 6. EUROPEAN COMMISSION . 2014. Land as a resource conference. Available online. 7. OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY . 2012. 3rd edition. ISBN 978–0–19–860027–5. 8. WORLD FACTBOOK . 2009. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). ISBN 9780160845871.

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Incorrect Methodology for Agri-Environmental Measure - Multifunctional Field Margins - As Limitation for Enhancement of Environment in Slovakia

Regulation (EEC) No. 797/85 of 12 March 1985 on improving the efficiency of agricultural structures. 5. Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2078/92 of 30 June 1992 on agricultural production methods compatible with the requirements of the protection of the environment and the maintenance of the countryside. 6. Decree of the Government of the Slovak Republic No. 342/2014 Coll. that lays down the rules for granting support in agriculture in relation to the schemes of decoupled direct payment as amended. 7. Decree of the Government of the Slovak Republic No.75

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