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Management Efficiency

Modern management process may be viewed as one constant series of decision making and creation of conditions for effective decision realization. In the process of organizing it is important to verify the organization effectiveness and implement corrections in order to maintain or increase this effectiveness. For the purpose of situation diagnosis and improvement of organization's results, the three-efficiency-levels approach is used (organization level, process level, workstation level). Degree of decision effectiveness (efficiency) will depend on rationality of the problem solving process. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the primary and supporting goals as well as strategies for their realization and to take care of the quality of organization's internal activities, which includes full readiness for cooperation and flexibility towards changes.

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Production assets management in a company is a traditional function, which in the period of transition of the Polish economy gradually lost the role of co-relation with the production function to the function of marketing and sales, finance or even logistics. An efficiency was selected as the main operating criterion at the company level i.e. the ability to reach a set goal of the final activities. Technological efficiency at the level of the production station is expressed by the ratio of technological efficiency, at the level of production cell the efficiency of technology influence on efficiency of production cell. The inspiration for this paper were the new approach to company value on the market, including the value of assets, and advancement in the production technology and an appearance of modern tools.

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