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The Role of Focus Position in Single Pulse Laser Drilling of Highly Reflecting Materials


The laser processing of materials which are highly reflective at laser wavelengths is problematic. We have to take into account that only a small part of the energy is absorbed, the main part being reflected. In this article we examine the laser processing of highly reflective copper and silver at 1070 nm wavelength. In laser drilling of printed circuit boards it is necessary to drill copper layer as well. In highly reflecting materials we can drill smaller holes because of the low energy efficiency. Naturally in single pulse laser drilling the focus position plays a key role: at the focal spot of the laser beam smaller diameter holes are produced, further from the focal spot, higher diameter holes are produced.

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The effect of changes in depth of cut and cutting speed of CNC toolpaths on turning process performance

Annals 66.1 (2017)349-352. [8] Li, L., Deng, X., Zhao, J., Zhao, F., Sutherland, J. W.,Multi-objective optimization of tool path considering efficiency, energy-saving and carbon-emission for free-form surface milling. Journal of Cleaner Production 172 (2018)3311-3322. [9] Dodok, T., Čuboňová, N., Císar, M., Kuric, I., Zajačko, I.,Utilization of strategies to generate and optimize machining sequences in CAD/CAM. Procedia engineering 192(2017) 113-118. [10] Sivaraman V., Sankaran S., Vijayaraghavan L.,The effect of cutting

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