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The status quo and prospect of transfer and shift in patients receiving hemodialysis in China

, transshipment, and then transfer to check the efficiency of the implementation of the rules and regulations. The aspect of the transfer process management—Meticulous management of handover process, completion of handover records, attention should be paid to the accuracy of language description during handover. We should control the delivery time to ensure the efficiency of the nurses. The aspect of quality control—We should set up the quality control group of hemodialysis handover and standardize the handover class verification, so as to ensure that the patient’s handover

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Development and application of a closed-loop medication administration system in University of Hongkong-Shenzhen Hospital

modified the questionnaire to develop the formal version. The formal questionnaire contained questions from five perspectives, including the quality of nursing, patient safety, nurse workload, work efficiency, and nurses’ views of the PDA. Each question was answered according to five degrees: strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, and strongly agree. 2.5 Data collection Four nursing students observed and recorded the oral medication administration times in the four pilot wards respectively before and after intervention (December 12–16, 2016, and January 2

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Effect of hydrotherapy on sleep deficiency among older people in integrated community health services in Pandak I Bantul

sleep latency, reduced sleep efficiency, increased nocturnal awakening, increased early morning awakening, and increased daytime sleepiness. Sleep quality is essential for older people’s well-being and health. Sleep quality in older people can be influenced by environment, pain, 3 lifestyle, 3 diet, 4 psychological condition, 4 treatment, and cognitive disorders. 2 , 5 Relaxation technique is a nonpharmacological treatment that is applied to increase sleep efficiency and improve the quality of sleep. Hydrotherapy, a relaxation technique that uses warm water, can

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Obesity in children - a problem of the contemporary civilization


Introduction. In the recent thirty years obesity has become one of the most serious and still increasing health problems among children and adults in the world. Scientific magazines inform about world obesity epidemic. Lack of physical activity, excessive energy supply compared to needs of organism, as well as bad eating habits, have made obesity a civilization disease. Excess weight and obesity lead to premature atherosclerosis development and consequently, to other cardiovascular diseases such as arterial hypertension, thrombosis, cardiac insufficiency, hyperlipemia.

Aim. The aim of the thesis is to present, on the basis of literature, the most important factors which can lead to obesity in children.


  1. Among the most important aspects which can lead to obesity in children the following factors can be mentioned:
    • genetic factors - it is probable that mutations within many genes connected with energy efficiency regulation of an organism are responsible for the genetic tendency to being obese
    • environmental factors - there is another fact that together with technological development, the level of physical activity has decreased
    • psychological factors, like stress, fear, failures at school, family and peer conflicts have become the reasons for compulsive behaviour which lead to excessive consumption of highly processed foods
  2. Obesity results in lowering the quality of life in a significant way.

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Review of Research on Organizational Culture in Health Care System


Introduction. Organizational culture is an ambiguous concept, it reflects norms and values considered important in a given society. It is subject to the influence of internal and external factors, as well as its technical and organizational solutions. It is considered a significant factor in the organization’s success and sets the direction of most of its members’ activities. Aim. The aim of the work was to present a review of research on organizational culture in the health care system based on the literature. Methods. The article is in the form of an unsystematic review. The medical databases PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar have been reviewed (from January 1963 to January 2017). Results. The concept of organizational culture in the management literature for the first time was defined in the 1950s. The subject of research on organizational culture in the health care system and subsystem of nursing was mainly dealt with in North America and Western Europe. In Poland, the study of organizational culture in the nursing sector was analyzed in relation to the mental burden of nurses. The review of the literature shows that organizational culture affects many elements of the professional work of nurses, such as; efficiency, quality, mental stress, burnout, the occurrence of work-related diseases, and also is associated with satisfaction with care and a sense of security.

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The importance of specialization training and opportunities to utilize the qualifications of specialists in long-term care nursing to improve the quality of nursing care of chronically and terminally ill patients


Aim of the Study. To analyse the usefulness of specialization training in the area of long-term care nursing as well as the possibilities to make use of the acquired qualifications – in the opinion of the specialists in this area.

Material and Methodology. The questionnaire survey was conducted among 162 specialists in long-term care nursing.

Results. The majority of respondents considered the specialization training as useful (91.4%) and meeting their expectations (83.9%). As the result of obtained specialization, they perform their work with patients better (67.9%), demonstrate expertise and proficiency as well as high degree of efficiency (67.3%). Some of them exercise their right to independent provision of healthcare services, predominantly the assessment of the patient’s level of consciousness with the use of methods and classifications (75.7%), physical examination (61.2%), oxygen therapy (55.3%), and definitely less often – referral to diagnostic tests (20.4%).

Conclusions. Completion of a specialization training in the area of long-term care nursing brings satisfaction and professional prestige to specialists, results in increased professional independence and improvement in the quality of provided care. However, high qualifications of this professional group are underutilized.

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Critical reflection on the role of theater nurses in a multidisciplinary team for perioperative care in China

care at the same time. 13 Hence, I have to enhance my work efficiency and complete my work on time; otherwise, I might be criticized as possessing low work efficiency. However, the reality in practice is that I am very busy with my work; the staffing and resources are limited; even in a well-developed health system, I still feel that my role was so overloaded that I had to squeeze the caring aspect. 14 As a result, I felt that my working environment was very pressurized and demanding, and the great workload gave me little time to care for the patients’ needs. 8

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A critical reflection on improving effective team communication

includes the internalization into a person’s own behavior those values most pertinent to his/her profession and self-awareness. I usually actively embody all these values in my interaction with medical staff, patients, and other service workers during most of my working time. I find that the ideas of equality, respect, trust, and collaboration help me improve my work efficiency and maintain a good relationship with my colleagues. Furthermore, being the nursing leader, I embody these values and present myself as a role model of desirable attitudes and behaviors for

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Construction of an ontology-based nursing knowledge system

clinical work via a nursing information platform, thereby improving the work efficiency of nurses; reducing hospital costs; improving nursing quality; and providing efficient, high-quality, and safe nursing services for patients, while also playing an active role in disease prevention and remote nursing and monitoring. First, the construction of a nursing knowledge-system ontology can help to achieve a structured digitized production process for complete processes, including compilation, review, management, and publishing, and can accelerate the digitization of nursing

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Listen and talk to the older patients: a critical emancipatory reflection on the practice of communication issues

increase, but also the well-being of patients and a therapeutic environment can be established. 20 However, when I was in a busy work environment, finishing the tasks required by nurse managers became a top priority, to ask for patients’ information from families is considered a way to avoid waste of time and to improve my work efficiency. By applying the Espoused theory and Theory-in-use in critical reflection, I learned what values and beliefs I uphold in my life, as well as the gap between these values and what enacted values actually were reflected from my action

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