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The Energy Efficiency Gap in Turkish Maritime Transportation

REFERENCES 1. Acciaro, M., Hoffmann, P.N., Eide, M.S., 2013. The energy efficiency gap in maritime transport. Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering. 3(2013), 1-10. 2. Adland, R., Cariou, P., Jia, H., Wolff, F.C., 2018. The energy efficiency effects of periodic ship hull cleaning. J. Clean. Prod. 178, 1–13. . 3. Bedford, F., Rutland, C., Dittrich, P., Raab, A., Wirbeleit, F., 2000. Effects of direct water injection on DI diesel engine combustion. No. 2000-01-2938. SAE Technical Paper. 4

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Efficiency of the Dairy Farms: A Study from Azores (Portugal)

References [1] Almeida, B. & Silva, E. (2015). A Eficiência das Explorações Leiteiras Micaelenses (Açores). Revista de Economia y Sociologia Rural 53(1), 129-142. DOI: 10.1590/1234-56781806- 94790053s01010. [2] Angon, E., Garcia, A., Perea, J., Acero, R., Toro-Mujica, P., Pacheco, H. & Gonzalez, A. (2013). Technical efficiency and viability of grazing dairy cattle systems in La Pampa, Argentine. Agrociencia 47(5), 443-456. [3] Arzubi, A. & Berbel, J. (2002). Determinación de índices de eficiência mediante DEA en

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Achieving Energy Efficiency in Accordance with Bioclimatic Architecture Principles

R eferences [1] Bajçinovci B., Jerliu F., Challenges of Architectural Design in relation to Environment and Air Pollution. A Case study: Prishtina’s first public parking garage. Journal of Science, Humanities and Arts 2016:3(7). doi:10.17160/josha.3.7.254 [2] Kull K. On Semiosis, Umwelt, and Semiosphere. Semiotica 1998:120(3/4):299–310. [3] Dennis K. The Compatibility of Economic Theory and Proactive Energy Efficiency Policy. The Electricity Journal 2006:19(7):58–73. doi:10.1016/j.tej.2006.07.006 [4] Qatar Green Building Council

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Key Factors for Successful Implementation of Energy Efficiency Policy Instruments: A Theoretical Study and the Case of Latvia

R eferences [1] Blumberga A., Zogla G., Laicane I. Planning and Evaluation Tools for Energy Efficiency Policy in the Housing Sector in Latvia. Presented at the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference, Rome, Italy, 2012. [2] Gardner G., Stern P. Environmental problems and human behaviour, 2 nd ed. Pearson Custom Publishing, Boston, 2002. [3] Pikas E., et al. Quantification of economic benefits of renovation of apartment buildings as a basis for cost optimal 2030 energy efficiency strategies. Energy and Buildings 2015:86:151–160. doi

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Energy Efficiency Obligations and Subsidies to Energy Intensive Industries in Latvia

International Scientific Conference Proceedings 2013:363–371. [6] Blumberga D., Vigants H., Cilinskis E., Vitolins V., Borisova I., Khabdullin A., Khabdullin A., Khabdullina Z., Khabdullina G., Veidenbergs I. Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Nexus. Energy Procedia 2016:95:71–75. doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2016.09.023 [7] Zogla L. Methodology for modelling Energy Efficiency policy instruments in industrial sector. Summary of PhD thesis. Riga: Riga Technical University, 2014. [8] Ozolina L., Rosa M. A review of energy efficiency policy and measures for

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Monitoring and Analysis of the Performance Data of a RO-PAX Ship in the Perspective of Energy Efficiency

References 1. Pescetto, A. & L. Sebastian; “Energy management: a holistic operational strategy to enhance ship energy efficiency of ships in service”. 2012 2. Pescetto, A. & L. Sebastiani; “Monitoring systems: a strategic tool to enhance ship energy efficiency.”2012

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Time usage and efficiency of machinery during stump crushing

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA.: 1–32. ISBN 978-92-9169-143-2. Laitila J., Nuutinen Y. 2013. Efficiency of integrated grinding and screening of stump wood for fuel at roadside landing with a Crambo 6000 grinder equipped with a star screen. Demo Report 4: Innovative and effective technology and logistics for forest residual biomass supply in the EU: 1–11. Laitila J., Nuutinen Y. 2015. Efficiency of integrated grinding and screening of stump wood for fuel at roadside landing with a

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Efficiency evaluation in forest management – a literature review

-83-01-14455-5. Bellinger W.K. 2007.The Economic Analysis of Public Policy. Routledge, London, 1–435. ISBN 978-0-415-77278-5. Bielski M. 2004. Podstawy teorii organizacji i zarządzania. C.H. Beck, Warszawa, 1–231. ISBN 83-7387-441-0. Bogetoft P., Otto L. 2011. Benchmarking with DEA, SFA and R, Springer, New York, International Series in Operations Research & Management Science 157: 1–35. Bogetoft P., Thorsen BJ., Strange N. 2003. Efficiency and merger gains in the Danish forestry extension service. Forest Science 49(4): 585−595. DOI 10.1093/forestscience/49

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-BELLIDO, R. - PARMAR, S. - SHEPHERD, E.C. - HAWKESFORD, M.J. 2010. Nitrogen efficiency of wheat: Genotypic and environment variation and prospects for improvement. In European Journal of Agronomy, vol. 33, pp. 1-11. BENGOUGH, A.G. - BRANSBY, M.F. - HANS, J. - McKENNA, S.J. - REBERTS, T.J. - VALENTINE, T.A. 2006. Root response to soil physical conditions; growth dynamics from field to cell. In Journal of Experimental Botany, vol. 57, pp. 437−447. DOI: 10.1093/jxb/erj003. GAJU, O. - ALLARD, V

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Energy losses in the hydraulic rotational motor definitions and relations for evaluation of the efficiency of motor and hydrostatic drive

II - Rotational hydraulic motor speed parallel throttling control and volumetric control systems. Polish Maritime Research 04/2008 Paszota Z.: The operating field of a hydrostatic drive system. Chapter in the monograph: "Research, design, production and operation of hydraulic systems" (in Polish), Adam Klich, Antoni Kozieł and Edward Palczak editors. "Cylinder" Library. Komag Mining Mechanisation Centre, Gliwice 2009 Paszota Z.: Parameters of the energy efficiency investigations of pumps and hydraulic motors

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