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Optimized Potential of Utilization Efficiency and Productivity in Wheat by Integrated Chemical Nitrogen Fertilization and Stimulative Compounds

References Abd El-Wahed M.H., EL Sabagh A., Zayed A., Ahmed S., Saneoka H., Barutçular C., 2015 - Improving yield and water productivity of maize grown under deficit-irrigated in dry area conditions. Azarian Journal of Agriculture, 2 (5): 123-132. Abou El-Hassan W.H., Hafez E.M., Ghareib A.A.A., Freeg M.R., Seleiman M.F, 2014 - Impact of nitrogen fertilization and irrigation on water utilization efficiency, N accumulation, growth and yields of Zea mays L. J. Food Agric. Envi., 12 (3&4): 217-222. Abo-Youssef M

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Influence of Protein Supply on Threonine Efficiency and Threonine Catabolism in Hepatic Mitochondria of Chicks and Rats

supplementation of low-protein broiler diets: 1. Glutamic acid and indispensable amino acid supplementation. J. Appl. Poultry Res., 8: 298-309. Lee C.W., Oh Y.J., Son Y.S., An W.G. (2011). Effects of dietary protein and threonine supply on in vitro liver threonine dehydrogenase activity and threonine efficiency in rat and chicken. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 24: 1417-1424. Lee C.W., Cho I.J., Lee Y.J., Son Y.S., Kwak I., Ahn Y.T., Kim S.C., An W.G. (2014). Effects of dietary levels of glycine, threonine and protein on threonine efficiency and

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Efficiency of GC-MS method in detection of beeswax adulterated with paraffin


The efficiency of the gas chromatography - mass detector (GC-MS) technique for the detection of beeswax adulterated with paraffin, was evaluated. For this purpose, beeswax samples with paraffin additions (3, 5, 10, 30, 50%) were analysed. Since not enough is known about paraffin compositions, and since it is difficult to detect paraffin in beeswax, the aim of our research was also to compare the hydrocarbon composition of different types of paraffin. The analysis showed that the types of paraffin available on the market, differ qualitatively and quantitatively as far as their hydrocarbon compositions are concerned. In all kinds of paraffin, we found homologous series of n-alkanes that were much longer than those in beeswax. In beeswax, the amount of added paraffin that is possible to detect, differs and depends on the kind of paraffin used for adulteration. In this study, the minimum estimated percent that was detected using the GC-MS technique, was 3%. The adulteration is indicated by the presence of hydrocarbons containing over 35 carbon atoms in the molecule, and by the higher contents of n-alkanes (C20H42 - C35H72), in comparison to the concentration of these compounds determined in pure beeswax. We also presented the results of the quality control of commercial beeswax. Based on our results, it can be stated that beeswax adulteration is currently a problem.

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Seedling Establishment, Biomass Yield and Water use Efficiencies of Four Maize Varieties as Influenced by Water Deficit Stress

. (2005). Drought resistance, water-use efficiency, and yield potential-are they compatible, dissonant, or mutually exclusive? Aust. J.Agric. Res. , 56: 1159-1168. Chaves, M.M., Pereira, J.S., Maroco, J., Rodriques, M.L., Ricardo, C.P.P., Osório, M.L., Carvalho, I., Faria, T. & Pinheiro, C. (2002). How plants cope with water stress in the field photosynthesis and growth. Ann. Bot ., 89: 907-916. Delachiave, M.E.A. & Pinho S.Z. de (2003). Germination of Senna occidentalis link: seed at different osmotic potential levels. Brazlian Arch. Technol., 46

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Efficiency of traps in collecting selected Diptera families according to the used bait: comparison of baits and mixtures in a field experiment

. Palaeontologia Electronica 4(1): 9 pp. Howell, J.F., Cheikh, M., & Harris, E.J. (1975) Comparison of the efficiency of three traps for the Mediterranean fruit fly baited with minimum amounts of trimedlure. Journal of Economic Entomology, 68, 277–9. Kawai, S. & Suenaga, O. (1960) Studies of the methods of collecting flies. III. On the effect of putrefaction of baits (fish). [In Japanese, Eng. summary.]. . Endemic Diseases Bulletin of Nagasaki University, 2, 61–6. Knight, J.D., Tatchell, G.M., Norton, G

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Water Use Efficiency and Rain Water Productivity of Wheat under Various Tillage-Glyphosate Interactive Systems

References Ahmad N., Rashid M., Vaes A.G., 1996 - Fertilizers and their use in Pakistan. NFDC Publication No. 4/96, 2nd ed. NFDC, Islamabad, Pakistan, pp. 274. Ali S.,1998 - Yield and water use efficiency of rainfed wheat as influenced by tillage and fertilizer application on two Ustochrepts. Pak. J. Soil Sci., 15:140-145. BARD. 1987 - Annual report 1985-‘86. Barani Agricultural Research and Development Project. PARC, Islamabad. Bolton F.E.,1991 - Tillage and stubble management. In: Harris, H., P

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Solvency, Indebtedness, Rates of Return and Investment Impact on Economic and Technical Analysis Indicators (Case Study)

investiţiilor elaborat pe calculator (Feasibility study on the efficiency of investments by computer). Edit. ASE, Bucureşti. Gittinger J.P., 1985 - Analyse économique des projets agricoles. Economica, Paris. Işfănescu A., Robu V., Hristea Ana Maria., Vasilescu Camelia, 2002 - Analiza economico-finaciară (Economic and financial analysis). Edit. Cartea Universală, Bucureşti. Românu I., Vasilescu I., 1996 - Managementul investiţiilor (Management of investments). Edit. Teora, Bucureşti. Spînache Adriana, 2011 - The

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Use of Natural Nitrogen Stabilizers to Improve Nitrogen use Efficiency and Wheat Crop Yield

REFERENCES Akiyama, H., Yan, X. & Yagi, K. (2010). Evaluation of effectiveness of enhanced-efficiency fertilizers as mitigation options for N 2 O and NO emissions from agricultural soils: meta-analysis. Global Change Biol., 16: 1837-1846, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2009.02031.x Ali, A. & Noorka, I.R. (2013). Nitrogen and phosphorus management strategy for better growth and yield of sunflower ( Helianthus annuus L.). Soil Environ., 32(1): 44-48. Bains, S.N., Prasad, R. & Bhatia, P.C. (1971). Use of indigenous materials to enhance the

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Study of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Cycocel on Fv/Fm and Dry Matter Mobilization to Grain Yield of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.)

References Abbadi, J. & Gerendas J. (2009). Nitrogen use efficiency of safflower as compared to sunflower. J. Plant. Nut., 32: 929- 945. Adesemoye, A.O., Torbert, H.A. & Kloepper, J.W. (2009). Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria allow reduced application rates of chemical fertilizers. Microb Ecol., 58: 921-929. Akinrinde, EA. (2006). Growth regulator and nitrogen fertilization effects on performance and nitrogen use efficiency of tall and dwarf varieties of rice (Oryza sativa). Biotechnology, 5: 268

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Enhancing the Solubility and Reclamation Efficiency of Gypsum with H2SO4

REFERENCES Abdel-Fattah, M.K. (2012). Role of gypsum and compost in reclaiming saline-sodic soils. J.Agric.Vet.Sci ., 1: 30-38. Ahmed, K., Qadir, G., Jami, A.R., Nawaz, M.Q., Rehim, A., Jabran, K. & Hussain, M. (2015). Gypsum and farm manure application with chiseling improve soil properties and performance of fodder beet under saline-sodic conditions. Int.J.Agric. Biol., 17(6): 1225-1230, DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/14.0036 Amezketa, E., Aragüés, R. & Gazol, R. (2005). Efficiency of sulfuric acid, mined gypsum and two gypsum byproducts in soil

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