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Social Media Affordances and Information Sharing: An Evidence from Chinese Public Organizations

four categories are as follows: Attribute : The interviews mentioned many attributes of social media through which social media can help them in their daily task. These attributes include helpful, convenient, timely, efficiency, effectiveness, and low economic cost. Function : Social media facilitates public organization regarding fast communication and exchange of information (message, notice, documents, and files). Besides information transfer and communication, these platforms enable employees to create social groups freely where they can discuss different

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Investigating Weak Supervision in Deep Ranking

) and inverse document frequency (IDF) of query terms appearing in candidate documents, BM25 gives the ranking scores of these documents with respect to the query. Thus, BM25 only considers the exact matching signal from query–document pairs, regardless of the semantic relationship between the query and documents. BM25-based relevance has the following advantages in serving as a weak supervised signal: – In the aspect of effectiveness, BM25 is a classic ranking algorithm with proven effectiveness in document ranking. – As for efficiency, BM25 can serve as a

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What Motives Users to Participate in Danmu on Live Streaming Platforms? The Impact of Technical Environment and Effectance

surroundings, and the underlying desire to experience this feeling is the drive behind their behavior. The behaviors motivated by the effectance motivation are “merely something that is interesting and fun to do” ( White, 1959 ). Based on this assumption, Harter (1978) further added that when one is successful in creating the intended effect, one can experience a great feeling of efficiency than when one creates an effect that is different from what he/she intended. So, the effectance motive is to develop competence in interacting with the environment ( Lamont, 1983

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Safe Open Science for Restricted Data

of how a security check is implemented in policy versus in software is a function of a concerted effort to retain some levels of ease and efficiency of use for the user. It is an open question as to how generalizable is the set of software policy trade-offs adopted for nonconsumptive research for other types of restricted data. This open question is deserving of more study. In working with our library partners, the issue of text-mining across collections from multiple publishing platforms arises. For example, what is an appropriate policy and technical interface

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Exploring Technology Evolution in the Solar Cell Field: An Aspect from Patent Analysis

: Compound Solar Cells Compound solar cells have the advantages of high conversion rate, high stability, and less pollution. Initially, the properties of semiconductor thin films that were mainly focused on comprised enhancing the conversion rate and connectivity. Inventors then adjusted the material compositions to exhibit various features. Additionally, nanostructures were also applied to increase the efficiency and maintain the stability of compound solar cells. Key assignees were replaced when technology topics evolved. Nanosolar and Solopower dominated in the

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Usability Evaluation of E-Dunhuang Cultural Heritage Digital Library

studies have evaluated users’ experience of digital libraries, museum, and cultural heritage sites ( Kabassi, 2016 ) on a wide range of aspects, such as effectiveness, efficiency, learnability, or subjective satisfaction ( Li, 2013 ). An evaluation framework often adopted by studies on digital libraries is the usability evaluation model devised by Jeng (2009) . Jeng referred to ISO 9241-11 (2009), providing a usability evaluation framework that comprised elements of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction (ease of use, organization of information, labeling, visual

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Structural Analysis of Medical-Terminology Hashtag versus Lay-Language Hashtag Tweet Collections: An Information Theoretical Method with Entropy Matrix

.. Therefore, the primary motivation of this study is investigating the creative variety of recombining different components in tweets to gain insights into tweeting/retweeting behavior. Additionally, the choice between medical hashtags and lay-language hashtags remains an under-researched topic in the subject of efficient healthcare communication on Twitter. This study explores the characteristics of tweets by comparing semantically similar healthcare hashtags and focuses on understanding the effect of tweet content diversity on the efficiency of healthcare communication

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Big Data in Health Care: Applications and Challenges

system provides quality community for historical data resource, information, and knowledge in healthcare for hospital administration and patient health care ( Bagayoko et al., 2010 ; Kanagaraj & Sumathi, 2011 ; Sirintrapun & Artz, 2016 ; Tsumoto, Hirano, & Iwata, 2013) LIS Laboratory information system; often used to collect, restore, archive, process, extract, and analyze data in laboratory; this system aims to improve efficiency of turn-around-times (TAT) of records, quality of resource utilization, and public health supporting ( Blaya et al., 2007

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Burgeoning Data Repository Systems, Characteristics, and Development Strategies: Insights of Natural Resources and Environmental Scientists

time-sensitive research relevancy but also for real-world learning efficiency. This is underlined in the following example given by the respondent. “Some of the NEON data isn’t going to be ready until a year and a half after it’s been collected. So in terms of more real-time analysis, there’s a major delay in some cases that I think is a challenge. For example, the environment informatics students, they’re designing widgets for visualizing environmental data, and they want real-time updates because they’re learning about moving data around and plotting. They

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Predicting Academic Digital Library OPAC Users’ Cross-device Transitions

, economics, management, and sociology. Willson and Given (2010) investigated the college students’ search behavior, especially the differences between OPAC and WWW. They found that the users’ OPAC search behavior tends to be similar with web search behavior, and they suggested the design of OPAC should be user focused. In addition, clickstream analysis is also an important aspect of the user’s information retrieval behavior ( Liu and Yuan, 2010 ), which helps to understand the user’s search intentions, search habits, and search efficiency. The OPAC clickstream can

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