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Application of DEA for Evaluating the Efficiency of Economic Policy as Exemplified by EU Agriculture

References Ackrill R. (2000), The Common Agricultural Policy, Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield. Afriat S.N. (1972), Efficiency estimation of production functions, “International Economic Review” no. 13, p. 568-598. Aigner D.J., Chu S.F. (1968), On estimating the industry production function, “American Economic Review” no. 58, p. 826-839. Błażejczyk-Majka L. (2016): Polskie gospodarstwa mleczne w rankingu efektywności technicznej gospodarstw unijnych z wykorzystaniem modelu SE-CCR [Polish Dairy

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Informational Support of Civilian Intelligence for Heavy Industry (Including Machine Industry) and the Energy Sector in the Polish People’s Republic in the Years 1970–1990


Throughout the existence of the Polish People’s Republic (PPR), its scientific and technical intelligence (S&TI) supported Polish mining, energy, metallurgy, and machine industries. Cooperation with companies and research and development centers intensified in the first half of the 1970s, as a natural consequence of the experience accumulated by the intelligence service in the previous fifteen years.

The most crucial issues related to the improvement of secret methods of acquiring technologies for the Polish economy were defining the scope of the tasks, i.e. the types of technologies which can be acquired by intelligence or purchased in the black market, selecting objects, (i.e. institutions and organizations with the required knowledge), and recruiting personal sources of information in western facilities.

Apart from acquiring specific solutions S&TI also developed analyses related to specific countries, as well as to specific technologies in the global aspect or to international corporations that possessed the technologies. Furthermore, S&TI was engaged by the Polish government to provide information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of International Trade during trade negotiations with foreign contractors.

Author draws the history of Polish S&TI during the 70s and 80s, showcasing its operations, explaining its modus operandi and discussing the question about the efficiency of illicit transfer of know-how from OECD for the purposes technical progress in communist Poland. Article bases on recently declassified documents of Polish intelligence service from the pre-1990 period. There are moreover other archival records as well as secondary sources explored.

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Professional Negligence, Mismanagement and Malpractice. Polish Companies in the Light of Supreme Audit Office Materials in the Years 1976-1980

/10, Information on the results of personal management audit, June 1978, f. 417. ANIK – GP, sign. 1569/12, Information of NIK council on the results of the audit on expanding and efficiency of operation of liquid fuels and oil distribution network in the country, October 4, 1978, f. 56. ANIK – GP, sign. 1627/4, Information on the results of the audit of accuracy of statistical reports, June 1978, f. 16. ANIK – GP, sign. 294/3, Information on the mode of examining and handling complaints and requests sent to NIK in 1977, February 1978, f. 27. AAN – PZPR

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Financial Crime Among Polish Workers in the Years 1945-1956

Commission for Fighting with Fraud and Economic Abuse, sign. 17, The letter from a Milęcin work camp doctor to the Prison Management Department of the Ministry of Public Security (February 5, 1949), f. 66. AAN – National Committee of Economic Planning, sign. 683, Employment in the national economy excluding agriculture in the years 1946-1954, f. 69. AAN – National Committee of Economic Planning, sign. 330, The estimate of the margin of work efficiency increase in large and medium industry (1953), ff 17-27. AAN – Ministry of Justice, sign. 2713, The report

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Regional Disparities on The New Silk Road: Some Thoughts about Regional Convergence

., The Scylla and Charybdis of regional policy, Problems of Economic Transition (2009), 51(12), pp. 58–77. Hájek O., Regionální disparity a regionální politika: Česká republika programovém období 2007–2013 [Regional Disparities and Regional Policy: the Czech Republic in the Programming Period 2007–2013], Žilina 2011. Hudec O., Prochádzková M., Visegrad countries and regions: innovation performance and efficiency, Quality, Innovation, Prosperity (2015), 19(2), pp. 55–72. Jeong H.Y., Jang J.H., Effects of regional development policies on the resolution

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