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Is there a common alpha-efficiency in polymineral samples measured by various infrared stimulated luminescence protocols?

influenced by external α-radiation (e.g., Duller, 1992 ; Li and Li, 2011 ; Trauerstein et al ., 2014 ; Kenzler et al ., 2015 ), the α-dose rate has to be fully considered for fine grains (~4– 11 μm). To account for the different efficiency in producing luminescence of heavy particles such as α-particles and slightly ionising radiation such as β- and γ-radiation, the so-called α-efficiency must be incorporated when calculating the dose rate ( Aitken, 1985a ). Among the different systems presented for quantifying α-efficiency (see Aitken, 1985b , for a summary), the

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Municipal amalgamations and their effects: a literature review

the following questions: 1) What are the consequences of local government amalgamations? and 2) Is there a trade-off between the efficiency of outputs and democratic outcomes resulting from municipal amalgamations? The goal of this review is not to search for the ‘optimal size’ of local governments identified in the literature, but rather to assess the outcomes of amalgamation reforms. While size is an inherent element of all amalgamation reforms and should be taken into account as part of a context-specific analysis of these reforms, the discussion of ‘optimal

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Climatic signals in tree-ring width and stable isotopes composition of Pinus sylvestris L. Growing in the industrialized area nearby Kędzierzyn-Koźle

measured and modelled δ 13 C in α-cellulose is equal to 0.93, whereas the value of the correlation coefficient between the measured and modelled δ 18 O in α-cellulose is equal to 0.78. Water use efficiency (WUE) and temperature anomaly Diffuse air pollution (carbon dioxide) caused the variation in the ratio of water used in plant metabolism to water lost by the plant through transpiration (WUE). In the period of time from 1975 and 2012, according to NASA (2016) the global concentration of mid-tropospheric carbon dioxide ranged from ca . 330 ppm to ca . 393 ppm

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Using the Integer Decorrelation Procedure to Increase of the Efficiency of the Mafa Method

properties of decorrelation techniques in the ambiguity space GPS Solution vol. 10, 40-44. Hassibi A. and Boyd S. (1998) Integer parameter estimation in linear models with application to GPS. IEEE Trans SignallProc 46, 2938-2952 Hofmann-Wellenhof B, Lichtenegger H, Wasle E. (2008) GNSS-Global Navigation Satellite Systems - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & more. Springer-Verlag Wien. Han S, Rizos C. (1996) Improving the computational efficiency of the ambiguity function algorithm. Journal of Geodesy

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Model of nitrogen management on farms specializing in livestock production

IUNG-PIB. S: 117- 131. Parris K., 1998: Agricultural nutrient balances as agri-environ- mental indicators: an OECD perspective. Environmental Pol­lution 102, S1: 219-22S. Schroder J.J., Vertes F., Chadwick D.R., Sillebak Kristensen I., 200S. How to compare the nutrient use efficiency of dairy farms? Soil Use and Management 21: 196-204. Szymańska M., Łabętowicz J., Czopowicz A., 2011a. Zawartość dostępnych form fosforu w glebie w zależności od kierunku produkcji gospodarstwa. Zesz. Probl. Post Nauk. Roln. S6S: 323

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A 333-year record of the mean minimum temperature reconstruction in the Western Tianshan Mountains, China

variance ( R 2 ), adjusted explained variance ( R 2 adj ), F value, sign test (ST), reduction of error (RE) and coefficient of efficiency (CE). RE and CE values greater than zero indicate a good reconstruction model fit. The multi-taper method (MTM) of spectral analysis was applied to examine the characteristics of local climate variability in the frequency domain over the full range of our reconstruction ( Mann and Lees, 1996 ). Our analysis used 5 × 3π tapers and a red noise background. Furthermore, to test whether our reconstruction contains a regional climate signal

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Exploring the social interest in agritourism among the urban population of Kazakhstan

) , Gosudarstvennaya programma (2017) , Strategicheskiy plan (2018) and recommendations from international institutions, including the World Bank (2017) , point to agriculture as a potentially complementary factor of the country’s economic growth. However, it is necessary not only to diversify agricultural production and increase its efficiency, but also to develop craft and service sectors in rural areas in order to limit the technological and their social degradation that continues since the 1990s. Today, one of the priorities for rural development in Kazakhstan is to put

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Interpretation of soil erosion in a Polish loess area using OSL, 137Cs, 210Pbex, dendrochronology and micromorphology – case study: Biedrzykowice site (s Poland)

analysis. The detector resolution (FWHM) was 1.8 keV and the relative efficiency was 40% at 1332 keV. The counting time was usually 8 0 ks and IAEA ( RGU, RGTh, RGK) standards were used for calibration. The IAEA Soil-375 standard was used as a reference material for 137 Cs activity. The IAEA-385 standard was used to check the quality of efficiency calibration. To calculate the 238 U content in the sediment, the following gamma lines were taken: 295.1 keV ( 214 Pb), 352.0 keV ( 214 Pb), 609.3 keV ( 214 Bi) and 1120.3 keV ( 214 Bi). For the 232 Th decay chain, the

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Efficiency of Pb(II) and Mo(VI) Removal by Kaolinite Impregnated with Zero-Valent Iron Particles

, (Efficiency of selected anions removal from aqueous solutions by nanocomposites derived from Maria III kaolinite.), MSc thesis, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland. [in Polish]. Saada, A., Breeze, D., Crouzet, C., Cornu, S., & Baranger , P. (2003). Adsorption of arsenic(V) on kaolinite and on kaolinite-humic acid complexes: Role of humic acid nitrogen groups. Chemosphere, 51(8), 757-763. DOI: 10.1016/S0045-6535(03)00219-4. Scott, T. B., Popescu, I. C., Crane, R. A., & Noubactep, C. (2011). Nano-scale metallic iron for the

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A coarse Bayesian approach to evaluate luminescence ages

, Sessions WS28, C69, C70 and C71., Archaeopress, pp. 113–116. [38] Zink A and Porto E, 2005. Luminescence dating of the Tanagra terracottas of the Louvre collections. Geochronometria 24: 21–26. [39] Zink AJC, Dabis S, Porto E and Castaing J, 2010. Alpha efficiency under TL and OSL — A subtraction technique using OSL and TL to detect artificial irradiation. Radiation Measurements 45(3–6): 649–652, DOI 10.1016/j.radmeas.2010.01.017. [40] Zink AJC

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