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Do neighbouring countries encourage the demand of international business tourism?

importance of convention service factors: Focusing on the differences in perception between convention planners and participants. Journal of Convention & Exhibition Management, 3(4), 69–85 [37] Lloyd, P.J., & MacLaren, D. (2002). Measures of trade openness using CGE analysis. Journal of Policy Modeling, 24, 67–81 [38] Manski, C.F. (2000). Economic analysis of social interactions. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 14(3), 115–136 [39] Marrocu, E., & Paci, R. (2011). They Arrive with New Information. Tourism Flows and Production Efficiency in the European

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Determinants of trip duration for international tourists in Norway; a parametric survival analysis

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Role of tour guides on tourist satisfaction level in guided tours and impact on re-visiting Intention: a research in Istanbul

Tourism: The Case of Cyprus. Tourism Management. 24(6): 687-697 [41] Shoemaker, S. & Lewis, R.C. (1999). Customer Loyalty: The Future of Hospitality Marketing. The Journal of Hospitality Management,18(4):345-346. [42] Şahin, S. (2012). Intercultural Communication Efficiencies of Tourist Guides: The Perceptions of German, English and Russian Tourists. (Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis). Turkey: Balıkesir University, Graduate School of Social Sciences. [43] Swarbrooke, J. & Horner, S. (1999). Consumer Behaviour in Tourism

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