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How Data Envelopment Analysis Reveals Brand Advertising Efficiency

References Büschken, Joachim (2007): Determinants of Brand Advertising Efficiency - Evidence from the German Car Market, Journal of Advertising, vol. 36 (fall), 51-73. Coelli, Timothy J., Prassada Rao, D.S and Battese, George E. (1998), An Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishing. Luo, Xueming, and Donthu, Naveen (2001), “Benchmarking Advertising Efficiency,” Journal of Advertising Research, 41, 7-18. Seiford, Lawrence M. (1994), “A DEA Bibliography

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Is profitability a good proxy for efficiency? Evidence from the subsector of tour operators

References Aday, S., Farrell, H., Lynch, M, Sides, J. and Freelon, D. (2012). Blogs and Bullets II: New Media and Conflict after the Arab Spring. United States Institute of Peace, Peaceworks No. 80. Available from: [Accessed: 2017-06-08]. Aissa, S. B. and Goaied, M. (2016). Determinants of Tunisian hotel profitability: The role of managerial efficiency. Tourism Management, 52, 478-487. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2015.07.015 Ali, M. and Byerlee, D. (1991). Economic

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Technical efficiency of FDI firms in the Vietnamese manufacturing sector

-90. Badunenko, O., Fritsch, M. & Stephan, A. (2006) What Determines the Technical Efficiency of a Firm? The Importance of Industry, Location, and Size. Available at: Bernard, Andrew B. & J. Bradford Jensen. (1999) Exceptional Exporter Performance: Cause, Effect, or Both?.Journal of International Economics.47(1). pp. 1-25. Blancas, L.C. et al. (2014) Efficient Logistics: A Key to Vietnam’s Competitiveness. Available at:

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Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency In Botswana

References 1. Andika, P.A., Hanny, L., & Fitri, S.S. (2016). Are The Asian-5 Foreign Exchange Markets Efficient? Evidence from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Phillippines: Post-Global Economic Crisis 2008. Indonesian Capital Market Review, 8(2), 83-93. 2. Bashir, R., Shakir, R., Ashfaq, B., & Hassan, A. (2014). The Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Markets in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis. The Lahore Journal of Economics , 19 (1), 133-149. 3. Bachelier, L. (1900). Theory of Speculation, A thesis

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Bank Efficiency in Malaysia a DEA Approach

REFERENCES 1. Bader, M.K.I., Mohammed, S., Ariff, M & Hassan, T. (2008). Cost, Revenue and Profit Efficiency of Islamic Versus Conventional Banks: International Evidence using Data Envelopment Analysis. Islamic Economic Studies, 15 (2), 24-76. 2. Banker, R.D., Charnes, A. & Cooper, W.W. (1984). Some Models for Estimating Technical and Scale Inefficiencies in Data Envelopment Analysis. Management Science, 30 (9), 1078-1092. 3. Berger, A.N. & Humphrey, D.B. (1997). Efficiency of Financial Institutions: International Survey and Directions for

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An Analysis of Revenue Maximising Efficiency of Public Sector Banks in the Post-Reforms Period

References 1. Banker, R.D., Charnes, A. and Cooper, W.W. (1984). Some models for estimating technical and scale Inefficiencies in data envelopment analysis. Management Science, 30(9):1078-1092. 2. Bhattacharyya, A. Lovell, C.A.K., and Sahay, P., (1997). The impact of liberalization on the productive efficiency of Indian commercial banks. European Journal of Operational Research, 98(2): 332-345. 3. Berger, A.N. and Humphrey, D.B. (1997). Efficiency of financial institutions: International survey and directions

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Corporate Ownership and the Technical and Scale Efficiency of Pharmaceutical Firms in India - Empirical Evidence

Portugal. Review of Industrial Organization 27: 73-102. Bernard, A. B. and Bradford, J. J. 2004. Exporting and Productivity in the US. Oxford Review of Economic Policy 20(3): 343-357. Barros, C. P. and Mascarenhas, M. J. 2005. Technical and Allocative Efficiency in a Chain of Small Hotels. Hospitality Management 24(3): 415-36. Blomstrom, M. 1990. Foreign Investment and Spillovers. Routledge. London. Blomstrom, M., R. E. Lipsey, and, M. Zejan. 1992. What Explains

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Reflections on Discussions About Technical Efficiency of Innovativeness of Countries

:// [Accessed February 1, 2019]. [5] Borrás, S., Edquist, Ch., 2016. Conceptual Underpinnings for Innovation Policy Design: Indicators and Instruments in Context . Unpublished paper prepared for the OECD Blue Sky Conference III, September 19-21 2016, Ghent, Belgium. [6] Borrás, S., Edquist, Ch., 2013. The Choice of Innovation Policy Instruments . CIRCLE - Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy. Lund: Lund University. [7] Caballero, J.R., 2014. Measuring Innovation Efficiency in Europe. A Färe-Primont TFP

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Efficiency of Using Research and Development Expenditures at Voivodship Level

największych inwestorach w badania i rozwój w Polsce w 2012 roku, Instytut Nauk Ekonomicznych PAN, Warszawa. Banker R., Charnes A., Cooper W.W. (1984), Some Models for Estimating Technical and Scale Efficiencies in Data Envelopment Analysis, “Management Science”, 30, ss. 1078-1092. Charnes A., Cooper W.W., Rhodes E. (1978), Measuring the efficiency of decision making units, “European Journal of Operational Research”, 2, ss. 429-444. Guzik B. (2009), Podstawowe modele DEA w badaniu efektywności gospodarczej i społecznej

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Banking Integration and Efficiency Convergence in Baltic Countries in Post-Crisis Period

References Andries, A.M. (2011). The Determinants of Bank Efficiency and Productivity Growth in the Central and Eastern European Banking Systems. Eastern European Economics, 49 (6), 38-59. doi:10.2753/eee0012-8775490603 Andries, A.M., & Capraru, B. (2012). Competition and efficiency in EU27 banking systems. Baltic Journal of Economics, 12(1), 41-60. doi:10.1080/1406099x.2012.10840510 Andries, A.M., & Cocris, V. (2010). A comparative analysis of the Efficiency of Romanian Banks. Romanian Journal of Economic

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