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On the Way to a Sustainable Energy Policy in Japan and South Korea

References Akahoshi, Yasushi. “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policies and Measures in Japan.” In Energy Efficiency in Japan, edited by Agung Wicaksono. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2008, pp. 21-87 APEC Energy Working Group. “EWG38 Notable Energy Developments - Japan”. 2009, APEC Energy Working Group website,, accessed June 2011 Asuka-Zhang, Shouchuan. “Development Assistance and Japan’s Climate Change Diplomacy: Priorities and

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Widerstands- und Gewaltforschung, überkreuz


This is a plea to interlink Resistance Studies and Violence Studies. Instead of invastigating the efficiency of violence alone and declaring violence absolutely and completely in and on its own, it is necessary to look at resistance practices (escape lines, fighting back), body politics and passivations (self-injury, abortion, suicide) at the same time. For their part, resistance practices and passivations can not be measured by success but by the fact that they actually happened. People cannot be completely reduced to bare bodies without resistance. Resistance to violence has to be considered in its inconspicuous, low-threshold and „flat“ forms. In this elementary political sense resistance is understood as a punctually weakening violence and as seperation of powers in statu nascendi.

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Selected aspects of water and sewage management in Poland in the context of sustainable urban development

purification technologies ( Tortajada, Nam Ong, 2016 ; Salgot, Folch, 2018). The environmental aspects of water and sewage management mainly relate to the quality and parameters of potable water ( Ekiye, Zejiao, 2010 ; Wang et al., 2009 ; Coombes et al., 2016 ), and its impact on the natural environment ( Haase, 2015 ; Herslund et al., 2018 ). The socio-economic aspects of water and sewage management focus on efficiency ( González-Gómez, García-Rubio, 2008 ; Zarghami, 2010 ). They also relate to the development of practical tools for measuring and improving water

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Domestic Climate Change Governance in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Japan, China and South Korea

and East Asia: The Domestic and International Politics of Climate Change , edited by Paul G. Harris. New York: Routledge, 2003, pp. 3-18 Hattori, Takashi. “The Rise of Japanese Climate Change Policy: Balancing the Norms Economic Growth, Energy Efficiency, International Contribution and Environmental Protection.” In The Social Construction of Climate Change: Power, Knowledge, Norms, Discourses , edited by Mary E. Pettenger. Hampshire UK: Ashgate, 2007, pp. 75-98 Heggelund, Gørild. “China’s Climate Change Policy: Domestic and International Developments

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Public spending mechanisms and gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the agricultural sector (1970–2016): Lessons for Nigeria from agricultural policy progressions in China

, welfare, and the size of government”, Journal of Economic Inquiry, 37(1), 103-119. Lélé, S.M. (1991). “Sustainable Development: A Critical Review. ”World Development 19, 607–621 . Loizides, J. and Vamvoukas, G.E.V. (2005). Government Expenditure and Economic Growth: Evidence from Trivariate Causality Testing. Journal of Applied Economics , 8 (1), 125–152. Makhtar, D. (2017). Efficiency of Public Spending will Enhance Agriculture Productivity for Poverty Reduction in Africa. World Bank publication. Manyong, V. Ikpi, A. Olayemi, J. Yusuf, S

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The impact of economic crisis on regional disparities and the allocation of economic branches in Greek regions

, A. (2013). Regional specialisation and efficiency of the agricultural sector in Greece: the relationship with regional funding allocation, Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, (13), 119-130. Christofakis, M. Gaki, E. Lagos, D. Poulaki, P. (2017). The pattern of the spatial allocation of economic branches in Greece and the impact of economic crisis, 54th colloquium of the Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française - ASRDLF, and 15th conference of the Greek Section of the European Regional Science Association - ERSA-GR, 5-7 July 2017, Athens

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Climate Change Policy in Chinese Online Media Discourse: The Case of the Debate on the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009

.” In Energy Policy, 67, 2014, pp. 412-421 Lo, Kevin. “A Critical Review of China’s Rapidly Developing Renewable Energy Efficiency Policies.” In Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 29, 2014a, pp. 508-516 Lo, Kevin. “China’s Low-Carbon City Initiatives: The Implementation Gap and the Limits of the Target Responsibility System.” In Habitat International, 42, 2014b, pp. 236-244 Loher, Josef Falko. “Domestic Climate Change Governance in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Japan, China and South Korea.” In Vienna

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Optimal Spatial Allocation of Labour Force and Employment Protection Legislation (EPL)

vector of economic and employment characteristics approaches the whole range of R n , though without ever converging with it. This is somehow the equivalent of the ricardian principle of a custom union’s efficiency, according to which the likelihood of finding the most efficient producer is higher within a large custom union, rather than within a small one, and, therefore, the trade deviation in the former is smaller than in the latter ( Schiff and Winters, 2003 ; Baldwin and Wyplosz, 2015b). Regarding labour mobility, the larger the number of members in the EMU, the

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Forest stand biomass of Picea spp.: an additive model that may be related to climate and civilisational changes

Paquette A. Vayreda J. Coll L. Messier C. Retana J. 2018 Climate change could negate positive tree diversity effects on forest productivity: A study across five climate types in Spain and Canada Ecosystems 21 5 960 970 DOI Pastore M. Lee T. Hobbie S.E. and Reich P.B. (2019). Strong photosynthetic acclimation and enhanced water‐use efficiency in grassland functional groups persist over 21 years of CO 2 enrichment, independent of nitrogen supply. Global Change Biology. May. DOI:

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Determinants of voter turnout in Nsukka Council of Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria

efficacy model and the socio-economic model ( Nwankwo and Okafor, 2017 ). The rational choice model (RCM) explains how the connection between expected utility and outcomes influences preferences for immediate actions. RCM stipulates that a person chooses results with greater efficiency over outcomes with lesser utility and prefers to engage in activities that yield more highly valued outcomes ( Aldrich, 1993 ). Thus, the RCM of voting argues that rational actors calculate the costs and benefits of political participation before deciding to participate, and if the

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