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Pravda (center-left oriented). As already mentioned, 420 messages were analyzed. Migration Discourse in the Slovak Republic The migration crisis that hit Europe at the beginning of the year 2015 significantly influenced not only the inner view on the functionality and efficiency of the European Union, but it also changed the mood and the position of European societies in the national states, including the view on the overall concept of solidarity and cohesion of European nations. It influenced the political elites operating not only at the national level but also at

themselves due to authoritarian reasons with the convictions that procedures are inferior to efficiency. Thus, authorities with strong monopoly expect to achieve the ultimate goal without real deliberation. They even show no interest in deliberating openly (if any, the pressure from the higher-ups). Further institutionalization of Xieshang or Xieshang minzhu in China is the priority, at best-forcing cadres to follow the deliberative rules in the governance. Such thoughts can be traced back to Mao’s mass line, which emphasis on deliberating, listening to, and valuing

pawns of the obsolete bureaucratic system serving autocracy. The efficiency of their economic activity demanded from them political action aimed at constraining the power of the state and consolidating civil rights and liberties. The richest Old Believers financed the formation of the milieu wherein liberal values, opposition to the state control and protest against police abuses were promulgated ( Pyzhikov 2013 , 634). Unlike intelligentsi . liberals, rich merchants did not hesitate to get in touch with more radical political forces, which finally led to the 1905