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How Data Envelopment Analysis Reveals Brand Advertising Efficiency

References Büschken, Joachim (2007): Determinants of Brand Advertising Efficiency - Evidence from the German Car Market, Journal of Advertising, vol. 36 (fall), 51-73. Coelli, Timothy J., Prassada Rao, D.S and Battese, George E. (1998), An Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishing. Luo, Xueming, and Donthu, Naveen (2001), “Benchmarking Advertising Efficiency,” Journal of Advertising Research, 41, 7-18. Seiford, Lawrence M. (1994), “A DEA Bibliography

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On the efficiency of some p-groups

References [1] Arjomandfar, A., Campbell, C. M., Doostie, H., Semigroups related to certain group presentations, Semigroup Forum, Volume 85, Issue 3, (2012), 533-539. [2] Ates, F., Cevik, A. S., The p-Cockcroft Property of Central Extensions of Groups II, Monatshefte fr Math., 150 (2007), 181-191. [3] Ayık, H., Kuyucu, F., Vatansever, B., On Semigroup Presentations and Efficiency, Semigroup Forum, Vol. 65, (2002) 329335. [4] Baik, Y.G., Pride, S.J. On the Efficiency of Coxeter Groups, Bull. of

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Efficiency Of Biomass Production – Methodological Approaches

References AIGNER, D. J. – CHU, S. F. 1968. On Estimating the Industry Production Function. In American Economic Review, 1968, no. 58, p. 826–839 AIGNER, D. J. – LOVELL, C. A. – SCHMIDT, P. 1977. Formulation and Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Production Function Models. In Journal of Econometrics, vol. 6, 1977, no. 2, p. 1–37. BANKER, R. D. – MOREY, R. C. 1986. Efficiency Analysis for Exogenously Fixed Inputs and Outputs. In Operations Research, vol. 34, 1986, no. 5, p. 13–52. CHARNES, A. – COOPER, W. W. – RHODES, E. 1978. Measuring the

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Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency In Botswana

References 1. Andika, P.A., Hanny, L., & Fitri, S.S. (2016). Are The Asian-5 Foreign Exchange Markets Efficient? Evidence from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Phillippines: Post-Global Economic Crisis 2008. Indonesian Capital Market Review, 8(2), 83-93. 2. Bashir, R., Shakir, R., Ashfaq, B., & Hassan, A. (2014). The Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Markets in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis. The Lahore Journal of Economics , 19 (1), 133-149. 3. Bachelier, L. (1900). Theory of Speculation, A thesis

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Efficiency of the Dairy Farms: A Study from Azores (Portugal)

References [1] Almeida, B. & Silva, E. (2015). A Eficiência das Explorações Leiteiras Micaelenses (Açores). Revista de Economia y Sociologia Rural 53(1), 129-142. DOI: 10.1590/1234-56781806- 94790053s01010. [2] Angon, E., Garcia, A., Perea, J., Acero, R., Toro-Mujica, P., Pacheco, H. & Gonzalez, A. (2013). Technical efficiency and viability of grazing dairy cattle systems in La Pampa, Argentine. Agrociencia 47(5), 443-456. [3] Arzubi, A. & Berbel, J. (2002). Determinación de índices de eficiência mediante DEA en

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Factors Determining the Efficiency of Slovak Public Procurement

References Afonso, A., L. Schuknecht and V. Tanzi. 2006. “Public Sector Efficiency: Evidence for New EU Member States and Emerging Markets.” Working Paper 581, Európska Centrálna Banka. Akerlof, G. A. 1970. “The Market for ‘Lemons’: Quality, Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism.” The Quarterly Journal of Economics 84(3), 488 – 500. Bandiera, O., A. Prat and T. Valletti. 2008. Active and Passive Waste in Government Spending: Evidence from a Policy Experiment . London: Centre for Economic Policy Research. Available at https

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Corporate Ownership and the Technical and Scale Efficiency of Pharmaceutical Firms in India - Empirical Evidence

Portugal. Review of Industrial Organization 27: 73-102. Bernard, A. B. and Bradford, J. J. 2004. Exporting and Productivity in the US. Oxford Review of Economic Policy 20(3): 343-357. Barros, C. P. and Mascarenhas, M. J. 2005. Technical and Allocative Efficiency in a Chain of Small Hotels. Hospitality Management 24(3): 415-36. Blomstrom, M. 1990. Foreign Investment and Spillovers. Routledge. London. Blomstrom, M., R. E. Lipsey, and, M. Zejan. 1992. What Explains

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The Energy Efficiency Gap in Turkish Maritime Transportation

REFERENCES 1. Acciaro, M., Hoffmann, P.N., Eide, M.S., 2013. The energy efficiency gap in maritime transport. Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering. 3(2013), 1-10. 2. Adland, R., Cariou, P., Jia, H., Wolff, F.C., 2018. The energy efficiency effects of periodic ship hull cleaning. J. Clean. Prod. 178, 1–13. . 3. Bedford, F., Rutland, C., Dittrich, P., Raab, A., Wirbeleit, F., 2000. Effects of direct water injection on DI diesel engine combustion. No. 2000-01-2938. SAE Technical Paper. 4

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Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive: Opportunities and Challenges

REFERENCES: 1. European Parliament and the Council Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency, amending Directives 2009/125/EC and 2010/30/EU and repealing Directives 2004/8/EC and 2006/32/EC [2012] OJ L 315. 2. LR Ekonomikas ministrija. (2013). Koncepcija par Eiropas Parlamenta un Padomes 2012. gada 25.oktobra Direktīvas 2012/27/ES par energoefektivitāti, ar ko groza Direktīvas 2009/125/EK un 2010/30/ES un atceļ Direktīvas 2004/8/EK un 2006/32/EK, prasību pārņemšanu normatīvajos aktos 2013. 3. LR Ekonomikas ministrija. (2013). Ziņojums par

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Efficiency of Using Research and Development Expenditures at Voivodship Level

największych inwestorach w badania i rozwój w Polsce w 2012 roku, Instytut Nauk Ekonomicznych PAN, Warszawa. Banker R., Charnes A., Cooper W.W. (1984), Some Models for Estimating Technical and Scale Efficiencies in Data Envelopment Analysis, “Management Science”, 30, ss. 1078-1092. Charnes A., Cooper W.W., Rhodes E. (1978), Measuring the efficiency of decision making units, “European Journal of Operational Research”, 2, ss. 429-444. Guzik B. (2009), Podstawowe modele DEA w badaniu efektywności gospodarczej i społecznej

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