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East Asian Technical Cooperation Initiatives in Central America: A Comparative Analysis of Japan and South Korea in Guatemala

Donor Transparency on Aid Recipients’ Corruption Levels.” International Political Economy Society Meeting Paper , pp. 1–43. CID (Council for International Development). 2012. “Ownership: A Brief Overview of Ownership within Development.” CID Fact Sheet , 8, pp. 1–2. Coe, Jim and Juliette Majot. 2013. “Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning in NGO Advocacy: Findings from Comparative Policy Advocacy.” MEL Review Project , pp. 1–67. Dahi, Omar and Firat Demir. 2017. “South-South and North-South Economic Exchanges: Does it Matter Who is Exchanging What

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The Cultural and Educational Dimension of the “New Silk Road:” The Re-invention of Mongolness at the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative in Asia.” Open Journal of Social Sciences , 6, pp. 102–116. Swaine, Michael. 2015. “Chinese Views and Commentary on the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative.” China Leadership Monitor , 47, pp. 1–24. Timofeev, Ivan, Yaroslav Lissovolik, and Liudmila Filippova. 2017. “Russia’s Vision of the Belt and Road Initiative: From the Rivalry of the Great Powers to Forging a New Cooperation Model in Eurasia.” China & World Economy , 25 (5), pp. 62–77. Tsomu, Yudru. 2009. “Political and Territorial Survival in the Sino

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The Relation between Economic Development and International Trade: A Comparative Analysis of East Asian and Southeast Asian Economies

References Adams, Gerard F. and Yochanan Shachmurove. “Trade and Development Patterns in the East Asian Economies.” In Asian Economic Journal, 11/4, 1997, pp. 345-360 Adelman, Irma. “Development Economics - A Reassessment of Goals.” In The American Economic Review, 65/2, 1975, pp. 302-309 Adelman, Irma. “Beyond Export-led Growth.” In World Development, 12/9, 1984, pp. 937-949 Akamatsu, Kaname. “A Theory of Unbalanced Growth in the World Economy.” In Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 86, 1961, pp. 196

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Innovation Transfer during the Warring States Period: Considering the Importance of Early China’s Relationship with the Steppes

. Berkely, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press, 1983, pp. 237-277 Beckwith, Christopher. “The Impact of the Horse and Silk Trade on the Economies of T’ang China and the Uighur Empire: On the Importance of International Commerce in the Early Middle Ages.” In Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 34, 1991, pp. 183-198 Beckwith, Christopher. Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages. Leiden: Brill, 2002 Beckwith, Christopher. Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages II. Leiden: Brill, 2005

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The Theory and Empirics of Financial Development in the East Asian Bond Markets

Effects?” In Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 23/2, 2009, pp. 149-176 AsianBondsOnline. “Bond Market Liquidity Survey.” 2011,, accessed April 2012 AsianBondsOnline. “Asian Bonds Online Database.” 2012,, accessed June 2012 Bae, Byung-Yoon, and Dong-Heon Kim. “Global and Regional Yield Curve Dynamics and Interactions: The Case of Some Asian Countries.” In International

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AHP Analysis of Cross-Cultural Friction and Synergy in Korean Subsidiaries of Austrian Companies

:// (accessed: February 21, 2017). Austrian Ministry for Science, Research, and Economy. 2016. “Kleine und mittlere Unternehmen in Österreich - Facts and Figures.” Online: (accessed: February 22, 2017). Austrian Research and Technology Report. 2015. Online: (accessed

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Chinese Migration and Settlement in Austria

References Benton, Gregor, and Edmund T. Gomez. The Chinese in Britain, 1800-Present: Economy, Transnationalism, Identity. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008 Benton, Gregor, and Frank Pieke, eds. The Chinese in Europe. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1998 Bundesministerium für Inneres. Asylwesen Jahrestatistiken 1999-2010,, accessed October 2011 Christiansen, Flemming. Chinatown, Europe: An Exploration of Overseas Chinese Identity in the 1990

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Climate Change Policy in Chinese Online Media Discourse: The Case of the Debate on the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009

Climate Report], 24 April 2007,, accessed May 2015 CCICED. “China’s Pathway Towards a Low Carbon Economy: CCICED Policy Research Report 209.” 2009,, accessed August 2011 CFE NGO Add Green Environmental Centre [Tiānlǜ Huánbǎo Zhōngxīn 添绿环保中心]. “Měi jīmì - weìxīng zhàopiàn jiēshì jídì bīngchuān jiāsù xiāoróng, jiāshēn èliè qìhòu” 【美机密公开

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Privatisation in East Asia: Comparison of Causes, Processes and Results

://, accessed December 2011 ASOSAI (Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions). “Accountability and Control of Public Enterprise.” 1998,, accessed October 2011 Bortolotti, Bernardo, and Paolo Pinotti. “Political Economy of Privatization.” Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) Working Paper No. 45, 2003. Bortolotti, Bernardo, Marcella Fantini, and Domenico Siniscalco. “Privatization Around the World: New Evidence from Panel Data.” CESifo Working Paper Series 600

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Electronic Waste in China, Japan, and Vietnam: A Comparative Analysis of Waste Management Strategies

-742 Chung, Shan-Shan and Chan Zhang. “An Evaluation of Legislative Measures on Electrical and Electronic Waste in the People’s Republic of China.” In Waste Management, 31, 2011, pp. 2638-2646 Cling, Jean-Pierre, Mireille Razafindrakoto, and François Roubaud. The Informal Economy in Vietnam. Geneva: International Labour Organization (ILO), 2010 Cobbing, Madeleine. Toxic Tech: Not in Our Backyard. Uncovering the Hidden Flows of E-waste. Amsterdam: Greenpeace, 2008 Davidson, Gary. Waste Management Practices: Literature Review

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