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New Keynesian Liquidity Trap and Conventional Fiscal Stance: An Estimated DSGE Model

REFERENCES Abel, A. B. (1975). A Comparison of three Control Algorithms Applied to Monetarist-Fiscal Debate. Annal of Economic and Social Measurement , 1 (3), 259–290. Adam, K. (2011). Government Debt and Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy. European Economic Review , 55 (1), 57–74. Afonso, A., & Jalles, J. T. (2017). Fiscal Episodes and Market Power. Open Economies Review , 28 (2), 233–250. Ashihara, A., & Kameda, K. (2018). Is Fiscal

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Domestic Debt and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An ARDL Bounds Test Approach

_Abdullah.pdf Adekoya, A. F., Abdul Razak, N. A. (2017). The Dynamic Relationship Between Crime and Economic Growth in Nigeria International Journal of Management and Economics, 53 (1), 47–64. Adofu, I., & Abula, M. (2009). Domestic Debt and the Nigerian Economy. Current Research Journal of Economic Theory , 2 (1), 22–26. Retrieved from Afonso, A. (2005). Fiscal Sustainability: The Unpleasant European Case. Finanz Archiv/Public Finance Analysis

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Government Spending and Non-Oil Economic Growth in the UAE

? Journal of Monetary Economics, 23 (2), 177–200. Barro, R. J. (1990). Government Spending in a Simple Model of Endogenous Growth. Journal of Political Economy, 98 (5), 103–125. Blanchard, O., & Perotti, R. (2002). An Empirical Characterization of the Dynamic Effects of Changes in Government Spending and Taxes on Output. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 117 (4), 1329–1368. Central Bank of the UAE (2018a). Economic Bulletin

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External Debt Financing and Public Capital Investment in Nigeria: A Critical Evaluation

REFERENCES Abuzaid, L. E. M. (2011). External debt, economic growth and investment in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. PhD Dissertation submitted to the University of Gloucestershire. Adedoyin, L. I., Babalola, B. M., Otekinri, A. O. & Adeoti, J. O. (2016). External Debt and Economic growth: Evidence from Nigeria. Acta Universitatis Danubius, Economica, 12 (6), 179–194. Al Kharusi, S. & Mbah, S. A. (2018). External debt and economic growth: The Case of emerging Economy. Journal of Economic Integration, 33 (1), 1141–1157.

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Industry 4.0 as the Driving Force of SME Internationalisation: A Case of Lithuania

–31. Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania. (2019). (59), 1–77. OECD. (2015). Internationalisation of SMEs (Dimension 10) in Eastern partner countries. In SME Policy Index: Eastern Partner Countries 2016: Assessing the Implementation of the Small Business Act for Europe , 1–313. OECD. (2017). OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2017. OECD Digital

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Monetary Policy Spillovers Through Industrial Growth in Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis

. African Research Review , 4 (4), 153–161. Anwor, O. F. and Okorie, G. C. (2016). A reassessment of the Impact of Monetary Policy on Economic Growth: Study of Nigeria”, International Journal of Developing and Emerging Economies, European Centre for Research Training and Development UK 4( 1), 82–90. Bernhard, O. I. (2013). Monetary transmission mechanism in Nigeria: Causality test. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences , 4 (13), 377–388. Berument, H. and Dincer, I. N. (2008). Measuring the effects of monetary policy for Turkey. Bilkent University

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Institutional Quality, Economic Misery and Crime Rate in Nigeria

Economy, 76 (2), 169–217. Blanco, L., & Ruiz, I. (2013). The Impact of Crime and Insecurity on Trust in Democracy and Institutions. American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 103 (3), 284–288. Blanco, L. (2012). The Impact of Insecurity on Democracy and Trust in Institutions in Mexico. Rand Working Paper WR 940. Bohm, R. M. (1982). Radical Criminology: An Explication. Criminology, 19 (4), 65–89.

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Green Public Procurement: Case Study of Latvian Municipalities

. (2014). Sustainable consumption within a sustainable economy – beyond green growth and green economies. Journal of Cleaner Production, 63 , 33–44. Lundberg, S., Marklund, P. O., Strömbäck, E., Sundstrom, D. (2015). Using public procurement to implement environmental policy: an empirical analysis. Environmental Economics and Policy Studies , 17 (4), 487–520. Nissinen, A., Parrikka-Alhola, K., & Rita, H. (2009). Environmental criteria in the public purchases above

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Examining Different Factors of Income Tax Non-Compliance in a Small Sample in Bangladesh

). The shadow economy of Bangladesh : Size Estimation and Policy Implications. Transparency International Bangladesh Research Report, 1-21. Retrieved from Jackson, B. R., & Milliron, V. C. (1986). Tax Compliance Research: Findings, Problems, and Prospects. Journal of Accounting Literature, 5(1), 125-165. James, S., & Alley, C. (2002). Tax Compliance, Self-Assessment and Tax Administration. Journal of Finance and Management in Public Service

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