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Taking into account that one of the major handicaps when undertaken in the cultural sector is the problem of cost and demand volatility, this paper aims to implement a viability plan for the entrepreneurship of a lyric theatre low-cost company, dedicated to Zarzuela performance, a type of Spanish music like Opera. Firstly, the cultural sector data are analysed in terms of supply and demand and secondly a viability plan is carried out for three years. According to the results it is concluded that this type of venture is very risky if you do not have grant or other financial resources, due to the variability of demand and the increase in unit costs as the artistic performance has a fixed production technology that cannot absorb the technical progress of the rest of the economy.


This paper investigates, using a multi-product paradigm, the market structure of the Iranian banking sector to evaluate the role of scale. In so doing, we checked for economies of scope by multi-product cost function as well as the impact of potential economies on the banking sector structure including 18 banks during the period 2008–2014. The changes in Panzar-Rosse H-Statistic as a result of the variety in products reflect changes in the monopolistic power. The results show that an increase in the variety of offered products increases banks’ monopolistic power.

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study using data from an NSO to benchmark a very large data set collected from the Internet, with the aim of shedding light on the relationship between the population collected online and the population at large as inferred by traditional scientific methods. More specifically, we focus on the number of vacancies in the economy inferred by survey methods by a statistical office compared to the number of vacancies obtained from web crawling. In economics research, labor markets are among the areas in which Big Data is increasingly being used ( Choi and Variant, 2012