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The Shadow Economy is Retreating: An Example of Georgia

References Gabidzashvili, B., Kbiladze, D. Tactics and Strategy of Businessmen behavior in Economically Uncertain Conditions, p. 223. Jie, S.W., Tat H.H.,Rasli.(2011). Underground Economy: Definition and Causes, Business and Management Review, Vol. 1 (2) p. 14-24; Lequiller, F., Blades, D. (2014). Understanding National Accounts, OECD Publishing, Second Edition, p. 516. National Statics Office of Georgia. (2000). Activity of restaurants in Tbilisi City and near-by districts (Sample Statistical

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Networking Society, Network-Based Economy and the Processes of Global Social, Economic, and Technological Changes

References Appiah, K.A. 2009. Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers - London, Penguin Books, 196 p. Castells, M. 2000-2004. The Information Age, Economy, Society and Culture : vol.1 - The Rise of the Network Society, 2000; vol.2 - The Power of Identity, 2004; vol.3 - End of Millennium, 2000 - Oxford, Malden MA, Blackwell Chossudovsky, M. 2003. The Globalisation of Poverty and the New World Order - Montreal, Global Research - 377 p. Currie, W. 2000. The Global Information Society

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Determinants of Shadow Economy in Eastern European Countries

References Alm, J., and Embaye, A., 2013. Using Dynamic Panel Methods to Estimate Shadow Economies Around the World, 1984–2006 . Working Papers 1303. Tulane University, Department of Economics. Retrieved from Apel, M., 1994. An expenditure-based estimate of tax evasion in Sweden . Working Paper 1994 (1). Department of Economics, Uppsala University. Uppsala. AT Kearney, 2013. The Shadow Economy in Europe, 2013.

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The Knowledge Economy and the Activation of Scientific and Technological Progress: Contemporary Challenges

References Altvater, E., Mahnkopf, B. (1996), Limits of Globalisation: Politics, Economy and Ecology in the World Society. Muenster: Verlag Westfalisches Dampfboot. Boldrin, M., Canova, F. (2001), “Inequality and Convergence in Europe’s Regions: Reconsidering European Regional Policies,” Economic Policy, Vol. 16, Issue 32, p. 205. Chortareas, G. E., Pelagidis, T. (2004), “Trade Flows: A Facet of Regionalism or Globalisation?” Cambridge Journal of Economics, Vol. 28, pp. 253-271. Currie, W. (2000

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Modelling the Impact of External Shocks on Economy of Ukraine: Dsge Approach

Economy, 2005, vol. 113, no. 1. p. 1-45. Clarida, R., Gali J., Gertler M. (1999). The Science of Monetary Policy: A New Keynesian Perspective. Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. XXXVII (December 1999), p. 1661-1707. Clarida, R., Gali J., Gertler M. (2001). Optimal Monetary Policy in Closed Versus Open Economies: An Integrated Approach. NBER Working Paper Series №8604. Retrieved from: Del Negro, M., Schorfheide, F. (2002). Priors from General Equilibrium Models for VARs: Forecasting and

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Fiscal Impacts on Output in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Albania

References Arnold, J., 2008. Do Tax Structure Affect Aggregate Economic Growth? Empirical Evidence from a Panel of OECD Countries Vol. 643. (pp. 29). DOI: Barro, R. J., 1990. Government Spending in a Simple Model of Endogenous Growth. Journal of Political Economy, 98(5 Part 2), S103-S125. DOI: Durmishi, A., 2015. Albania's Fiscal Goals, Budgetary Balance, Government Debt. Anglisticum Journal (IJLLIS), 4(9-10), 136-140. Gray, C

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Undeclared Work in Poland – Characteristics and Prevalence

., Peterlik, M., & Wyżnikiewicz, B. (2016). Szara strefa w polskiej gospodarce w 2015 roku. Warszawa. GUS. (2010). Rachunki narodowe według sektorów i podsektorów instytucjonalnych 2005-2008, (August), 1-38. GUS. (2014). Rachunki Narodowe według sektorów i podsektorów instytucjonalnych w latach 2009-2012. Hussmanns, R. (2004). Measuring the informal economy: From employment in the informal sector to informal employment. Working Paper ILO. Jütting, J., Parlevliet, J., & Xenogiani, T. (2008). Informal Employment

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Financial Development and Unemployment in Emerging Market Economies

Journal of Finance & Economics, 20(1), 48-60. DOI: Claessens, S., Tong, H., and Wei, S. J., 2012. From the financial crisis to the real economy: Using firm-level data to identify transmission channels. Journal of International Economics, 88(2), 375-387. DOI: Cojocaru, L., Falaris, E. M., Hoffman, S. D., and Miller, J. B., 2016. Financial system development and economic growth in transition economies: New empirical evidence from the CEE and CIS countries

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RFID within High-Tech Clusters – Towards a Knowledge-Based Economy

-347. Barburski, M., Czekalski, B. and Snycerski, M. (2008). RFID technology in the textile industry. AUTEX Research Journal, 8(3), 92-96. Bughin, J., Chui, M. and Johnson, B. (2008). The next step in open innovation. McKinsey Quarterly, 4(6), 1-8. Bresnahan, T. and Gambardella, A. (2004). Old-Economy inputs for New-Economy Outcomes: What have we learned? In: T. Bresnahan, A. Gambardella (Ed.). Building high-tech clusters. Silicon Valley and Beyond, pp. 1, 331-359. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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