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University knowledge exchange and the SKIN Project

:// Kitson M., Howells J., Braham J., & Westlake S. (2009). The Connected University Driving Recovery and Growth in the UK Economy. Retrieved from: Kline, S. J. & Rosenberg, N. (1986) An overview of innovation, in R. Landau and N. Rosenberg, The positive sum strategy, Washington DC: National Academy Press. Lasagni, A. (2012), "How can external relationships enhance innovation in SMEs? New evidence for Europe", Journal of Small Business Management, 50, 2, 310-339. Lockett, N., Kerr, R., Robinson, S. (2008

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An attack called defence: the communication strategy of ‘gender opponents’ in Italy

-189. Pontificio Consiglio per la Famiglia (2003). Lexicon. Termini ambigui e discussi su famiglia, vita e questioni etiche. Milano: EDB. Remotti, F. (2010). L’ossessione identitaria . Roma-Bari: Laterza. Rivoltella, P.C. (2001). Media education. Modelli, esperienze, profilo disciplinare . Roma: Carocci. Rubin, G. (1975). The traffic in women: Notes on the ‘Political Economy’ of Sex. In R. Reiter (Ed), Towards an anthropology of women (pp. 157-210). New York: Monthly Review Press. Saporiti, M. (2015). The Catholic Metamorphosis in France: from

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Children and Television: Vicarious Socialisation Experiences

& Turner International. (2012). The new generations 2012 survey, Manila, Philippines. Retrieved from Castells, M. (2010). End of millennium: the information age: economy, society, and culture. MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Castells, M. (2000). The rise of the network society .MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Cohen, L., Manion, L.& Morrison, K. (2011). Research methods in education . London; NY: Routledge. Comstock, G. (1978). The impact of television on American institutions. Journal of Communication , 28(2), 12-28. Cruz

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