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Evaluation of Digital Shadow Economy Prevention Measures

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New resources of innovation - challenges to the Czech Republic and its positioning in global economy

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Digital Economy and Society: Baltic States in the EU Context

References Brynjolfsson E., Kahin B. (2000). Understanding the Digital Economy: Data, Tools, and Research. [Accessed 16.03.2019]. Available from Internet: Cardoso, G., Castells, M. (2006). The Network Society: From Knowledge to Policy. [Accessed 16.03.2019]. Available from Internet: Carlsson B. (2004). The Digital Economy: what is new and what is not

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State Education as High-Yield Investment: Human Capital Theory in European Policy Discourse

:// Becker, G. 1962. Investment in Human Capital: A Theoretical Analysis. In The Journal of Political Economy , 70 (5): 9-49. Becker, G. 1972. Schooling and Inequality From Generation To Generation Inequality: Comment. In The Journal of Political Economy , 80(3): S252-S255. Becker, G. 1975. Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis (2 nd Ed.). New York: Columbia University Press. Becker

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Towards a Sustainable Future? The EU Policies Concerning Plastics and Their Didactical Potential for Primary and Secondary Teaching

plan for the Circular Economy. Retrieved from European Commission (EC). (2018a). A European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy. Retrieved from European Commission (EC). (2018b). Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European economic and social committee and the committee of the regions on a monitoring

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Twenty-first Century Education: Transformative Education for Sustainability and Responsible Citizenship

References Anielski, M. (2016). Relationships key to a happy life. Retrieved March 19, 2016, from Babad, M. (2013). Exon mobile CEO: ‘What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?’. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved Sept 14, 2015 from http://www.theglobe Bapna, M., & Talberth, J. (2011). What is a ‘green economy?’. World Resources Institute. Retrieved Sept 14

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Civic Education for Sustainable Development

- Regieren in komplexen Regelsystemen. Eine Einfūhrung [Governance - governing in complex regulatory systems. An introduction] (pp. 201-224). Wiesbaden: Springer VS. Daly, H. (1991). Steady-state economics (2 nd ed.). Washington D.C.: Island Press. Daly, H., & Costanza, R. (2009). From a failed growth economy to a steady-state economy. In Encyclopedia of Earth. Retrieved April 20, 2014, from http://www. 51cbedd27896bb431f6942d8/ Daly, H., & Farley, J. (2011). Ecological economics: Principles and applications (2 nd ed.). Washington, D

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Knowledge, Input-Output Complexity and the Notion of Sustainability

References Aldred, J. (2012). Climate change uncertainty, irreversibility and the precautionary principle. Cambridge Journal of Economics 36(5), 1051-1072. Arrow, K.J. (1962). The Economic Implications of Learning by Doing. Review of Economic Studies 29(3), 155-173. Binswanger, M. (2009). Is there a growth imperative in capitalist economies? A circular flow perspective. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 31(4), 707-728. Clausius, R. (1867). The Mechanical Theory of Heat, With its Applications to the Steam-Engine and to the Physical

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The Business School in the Corporation of Higher Learning in the USA

References Li, H. 2010. 3.2-Million Jobs Still Unfilled In the U. S., Qualified Applicants Scarce. In International Business Times . [online], November 2011 Mckinsey Global Institute. 2011. An Economy That Works: Job Creation and America's Future . [online], June

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Electoral Map Fixed by Law, as a Phenomena that Changes the Economy and Strongholds


After emerging from communist dictatorship, with the implementation of the new political system, our country came under a few phenomena. As unlearned in this field started step by step to create a new political culture, pluralistic and built models of voting behavior. After years 90’ in everyday jargon of political discussion in Albania began to be used the stronghold, as a concept, in which showed the loyalty of the electorate in favor of one party. But over the years this process took shape choice of a phenomenon which became part of the scientific studies authenticated for representing fragments in certain parts of government either locally as well as centrally. Protracted situation of transition in Albania, forced international institutions to recommend the change of territorial configuration of the country. Political parties are often seen as actors who abuse their powerful position to extort bribes, providing members and followers with lucrative positions in public, or to channel public resources into the hands of party leaders and supporters. The main functions of political parties in modern democracies include mobilizing voters to support political agendas, selection of candidates for public office and the organization of election campaigns.

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