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One Approach to the Synthesis, Design and Manufacture of Hyperboloid Gear Sets with Face Mating Gears. Part 2: Review of Practical Realization

References [1] Annual Report on the Status and Development of the Policy in the Field of Innovation, Ministry of Economy and Energy of Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2005, 36. [2] Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of the Republic of Bulgaria 2014-2020, SMART SPECIALIZATION, Ministry of Economy of Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2015, 149. [3] Innovation Union Scoreboard 2010. The Innovation Performance Scoreboard for Research and Innovation, PRO INNO EUROPE, INNO METRICS, 1 February 2011, 72

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Optomechatronic System For Automated Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

This work is supported by Operational Program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy (2007–2013)“, Procedure: BG161PO003-1.1.05 “Development of Innovations by Start-up Companies”, Project Title: “Robotic System for In-vitro Fertilization”. REFERENCES [1] Z hang , Y., K. K. T an , S. H uang . Vision-Servo System for Automated Cell Injection. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics , 56 (2009), No. 1 , 231–238. [2] H uang , H., D. S un , J. K. M ills , W. L. L i . Visual-based Impedance Force Control of Three

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Effect of Higher Order Element on Numerical Instability in Topological Optimization of Linear Static Loading Structure

., 40 (2004), 1317-1331. [5] H ammer , V. B., N. O lhoff . Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures Subjected to Pressure Loading. Struct. Multidiscip. Optim ., 19 (2000), 85-92. [6] B endsoe , M. P., O. S igmund . Topology Optimization Theory, Methods and Applications, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 2003. [7] N eches , L. C., A. P. C isilino . Topology Optimization of 2D Elastic Structures Using Boundary Elements. Eng. Anal. Boundary Elem ., 32 (2008), 533-544. [8] M ichell , A. G. M. The Limits of Economy of Material in

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