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A simple model of production and trade in an oligopolistic market: back to basics

References [1] Arrow, K.J. and G. Debreu : “Existence of equilibrium for a competitive economy”, Econometrica, 22 (1954): 265-290. [2] Beckmann, J. M. : “Edgeworth-Bertrand duopoly revisited”, in R. Henn, ed., Operations Research Verfahren III, Meisenheim: Verlag Anton Hain (1965). [3] Berge, C. :”Topological Spaces”, Macmillan, New York (1963). [4] Debreu, G. : “Theory of Value: An Axiomatic Analysis of Economic Equilibrium”, Monograph 17, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University Press, New Haven (1959). [5] Dahl

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The Logical Sustainability Theory for pension systems: the discrete-time model in a stochastic framework under variable mortality

Palo, An extension of Aaron’s sustainable rate of return to partially funded pension systems, International Journal of Sustainable Economy 4 (3) (2012) 213–233. [12] M. Angrisani, C. Di Palo, Managing the Baby Boomer Demographic Wave in Defined Contribution Pension Systems, Politica Economica-Journal of Economic Policy (PEJEP) 30 (1) (2014) 51–72. [13] M. Angrisani, C. Di Palo, Controlling a demographic wave in defined contribution pension systems, Pure Mathematics and Applications 27 (2) (2018) 1–18. [14] Swedish Pensions Agency, Orange report

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Controlling a demographic wave in defined contribution pension systems

return to partially funded pension systems. International Journal of Sustainable Economy , 4(3):213–233, 2012. [5] N. S. BLOMQUIST and H. WIJKANDER. Fertility waves, aggregate savings and the rate of interest. Journal of Population Economics , 7(1):27–48, 1994. [6] G. BONOLI and T. SHINKAWA. Population ageing and the logics of pension reform in Western Europe, East Asia and North America. Ageing and pension reform around the world: evidence from eleven countries , pages 1–23, 2005. [7] M. FELDSTEIN and E. RANGUELOVA. Accumulated pension collars: A

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The optimal rate of return for defined contribution pension systems in a stochastic framework

balance mechanisms in pay-as-you-go pension systems, The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Issues and Practice 34 (2) (2009) 287–317. [11] P. A. Samuelson, An exact consumption-loan model of interest with or without the social contrivance of money, The Journal of Political Economy (1958) 467–482. [12] H. Aaron, The social insurance paradox, Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science/Revue canadienne de economiques et science politique 32 (03) (1966) 371–374. [13] O. Settergren, B. D. Mikula, The rate of return of pay-as-you-go pension

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