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A Case of V2 in Chinese

Angeles, CA: University of Southern California dissertation. Lin, Jo-Wang. 1996. Polarity licensing and Wh-Quantification in Chinese . Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Amherst dissertation. Miyagawa, Shigeru. 2010. Why move? Why agree? Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Reinhart, Tanya. 1997. Interface economy: Focus and markedness. OTS working papers in linguistics . University of Utrecht. Reinhart, Tanya. 1998. Wh-in-situ in the framework of the minimalist program. Natural Language Semantics 6. 29-56. Rizzi, Luigi. 1997. The fine

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Parameter Preservation at the Syntax-PF Interface: The Ba Construction Revisited

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Sluicing, Sprouting and Missing Objects

–58. London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Li, Y.-H. Audrey. 2014a. Born empty. Lingua 151. 43–68 Li, Y.-H. Audrey. 2014b. Thematic hierarchy and derivational economy. Language and Linguistics 15(3). 295–339. Li, Y.-H. Audrey and Ting-Chi Wei. 2014. Ellipsis. In C.-T. James Huang, Y.-H. Audrey Li, and Andrew Simpson (eds.), The handbook of Chinese linguistics . 275–310. West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons. Lin, T.-H. Jonah. 2001. Light verb syntax and the theory of phrase structure . Irvine, CA: UC Irvine Dissertation. Merchant, Jason. 2001

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The Components of Sideward Movement in the Verb Copying Construction in Mandarin Chinese

References Aissen, Judith. 2003. Differential object marking: Iconicity vs. economy. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 213. 435-448. Badan, Linda and Francesca Del Gobbo. 2007. On the Syntax of Topic and Focus and Chinese. Ms. Università di Padova e Unviesità Ca’ Foscari, Venezia. Bošković, Željko. 2007. Agree, phases, and intervention effects. Linguistic Analysis 33. 54-96. Bender, Emily. 2000. The syntax of Mandarin BA: Reconsidering the verbal analysis. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 9

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