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Wroclaw Review of Law, Administration & Economics
The Journal of University of Wroclaw
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At the Crossroads of Law and Ideology: The Ideology of Law as a Reflection of Social Ontology?

Revista de Sociologia 51. Steger Manfred B and James Paul, ‘Levels of Subjective Globalization: Ideologies, Imaginaries, Ontologies’ (2013) 12 Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 17. Valadier Paul, ‘Jacques Maritain’s Personalist Conception of Human Dignity’ in Düwell Marcus, Braarvig Jens, Brownsword Roger and Mieth Dietmar (eds), The Cambridge Handbook of Human Dignity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (CUP 2014). Wrenn Mary V, ‘The Social Ontology of Fear and Neoliberalism’ (2014) 72 Review of Social Economy

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Law’s Symbolic Power: Beyond the Marxist Conception of Ideology

:// > accessed May 2014. Marx K., Przyczynek do teorii ekonomii politycznej. Przedmowa,1985 [A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. Introduction, 1985], Karol Marks. Dzieła Wybrane [Selected Works], (Książka i Wiedza, Łódź 1947). Marx K., Engels F., The German Ideology, 1845, available at: <> accessed May 2014. Wacquant L.J.D., ‘From Ruling Class to Field of Power. An Interview with Bourdieu on La Noblesse d’ État’, (1993) 1 Theory, Culture and

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The Polish Constitutional Court from an Attitudinal and Institutional Perspective Before and After the Constitutional Crisis of 2015–2016

Decision Making. New Institutionalist Approaches (University of Chicago Press 1999). Holmes OW, ‘The Path of the Law’ (1987) 10 Harvard Law Review 457. Leiter B, ‘Legal Formalism and Legal Realism: What Is the Issue?’ (2010) 16 Legal Theory. MacCormick N, Rhetoric and the Rule of Law (Oxford University Press 2005). Mańko R, ‘Law, Politics and the Economy in Poland’s Post-Socialist Transformation: Preliminary Notes Towards an Investigation’ in Bálazs Fekete and Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz (eds), 25 Years After

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Union Solidarity in Eastern and Central Europe from the Example of Poland

zakładowych z dnia 5 kwietnia 2002 r. [Act on European Employees’ Councils of 5 April 2002], Dz.U. 2002, No 62, item 556. Ustawa o informowaniu pracowników i przeprowadzaniu z nimi konsultacji z dnia 7 kwietnia 2006 r. [Act on Informing and Consulting Employees of 7 April 2006], Dz.U. 2006, No 79, item 550. Aczel J, ‘Changes in the role of the trade union in the Hungarian printing industry. A transition from socialism to a market economy’ (2005) 27/6 Employee Relations 566-580. Florek L, ‘Zalety i wady działalności związków

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Carving Out Central Europe as a Space of Legal Culture: A Way Out of Peripherality?

(Penguin Classic 2003 [1978]). Sluga G, ‘Bodies, Souls and Sovereignty The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Legitimacy of Nations’ (2001) 1 Ethnicities 207. Smith A, Timár J, ‘Uneven Transformations: Space, Economy and Society 20 Years after the Collapse of State Socialism’ (2010) 17 European Urban and Regional Studies 115. Starzhenetskiy V [Старженецкий BB], ‘Property rights in Russia: reconsidering the socialist legal tradition’ in Lauri Mälksoo and Wolfgang Benedek (eds), Russia and the European Convention of Human Rights

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A Legacy Diminished: President Obama and the Courts

important step that America has ever made in the fight against global climate change” Lucy Perkins & Bill Chappell, President Obama Unveils New Power Plant Rules in ‘Clean Power Plan’ , NPR (Aug. 3, 2015, 2:10 PM ET), In October 2008, Barack Obama told Time magazine’s Joe Klein that an “Apollo project” for a new energy economy was his “top priority.” Joe Klein The Full Obama Interview

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Using Patent Development, Education Policy and Research and Development Expenditure Policy to Understand Differences Between Countries – The Case of Estonia and Germany

, vol. 111(2), pp. 793–828. DUBNER, Stephen. What Are the Secrets of the German Economy — and Should We Steal Them? [online]. Available at: Accessed: 14.06.2019 DUTT, Pawan, FERRARO, Simona, CHOCHIA, Archil, MULJAR, Ramona. Using Patent Development, Education Policy and Research and Development Expenditure Policy to Understand Differences between Countries: The Case of Estonia and Finland. Baltic Journal of European Studies , 2018, 8 (1), pp. 123–153. Estonian Patent Office

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Post-Brexit. The Politics of Resentment and EU Reintegration: Creating A New Legal Constitution for Capitalism

York: The Lawbook Exchange, 2004. JONES, Franklin D. Historical Development of the Law of Business Competition, 36 Yale L.J. 42, 1926. KANTER, James. Far Right Leaders Hate EU Institutions But Like Their Paychecks . [online]. Available at < > 27 April 2017 [Accessed 31 March 2019]. KIRKA, Danica. UK Central Bank Tried to Soften BREXIT Shock in Economy, ABC News/Associated Press [online]. Available at https://abcnews.go.cpm/International/wiresS-tory/uk-central-bank-economy

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