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Low-Emission Economy - Evolution or Necessity

REFERENCES 1. Act of 27 April 2001. Environmental protection law (Journal of Laws of 2013 r., Pos. 1232 with later change). 2. Bohringer Ch., Rutherford T. F., Transition towards a low carbon economy: A computable general equilibrium analysis for Poland [w] Energy Policy 55, 2013. 3. Burchard - Dziubińska M., Availability and quality of statistical data indispensable for low-emission development strategies in local government units [in] Optimum Economic Studies, nr 3(69),2014. 4. Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 2 April 1997

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Impact Investment of Project Financing: Opportunity for Banks to Participate in Supporting Green Economy

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Role of CPEC in Development of Trade, Transport and Economy of Pakistan

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Eco-Economics in Cities and Rural Areas

References Barbier, E. (2011). The Policy Challenges for Green Economy and Sustainable Economic Development. Natural Resources Forum, 35(3), 233-245. Bashaasha, B., Mangheni, M. N., & Nkonya, E. (2011, February). Decentralization and Rural Service Delivery in Uganda. International food policy research institute (IFPRI) Discussion Paper 01063. Birkmann, J., Garschagen, M., Kraas, F., & Quang, N. (2010). Adaptive Urban Governance: New Challenges for the Second

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The Journal of Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia
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Implementation of Energy-Saving Innovations as the Main Direction of Development of the Building Materials Industry

. Kuzina O. (2014, July). “Green” construction and main directions of modernization of the building materials industry. In materials of IVth international scientific-practical conference “Problems of safe development of modern society”, (pp. 154-157). Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation. Kuzina O. (2014, April). The situation of building materials industry enterprises on the modern stage of development of economy of the Russian Federation. In materials of Scientific-practical conference “Economic problems of sustainable development”, (pp. 179

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Viticultural landscapes: Localised transformations over the past 150 years through an analysis of three case studies in Slovakia

. Geografický časopis, 51(1): 19–44. FORMAN, R. T. T., GODRON, M. (1986): Landscape Ecology. New York, Wiley. GARCIA, L., CELETTE, F., GARY, C., RIPOCHE, A.,VALDÉS-GÓMEZ, H., METAY, A. (2018): Management of service crops for the provision of ecosystem services in vineyards: A review. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 251: 158–170. GONZÁLEZ, P. A., PARGA-DANS, E., MACÍAS VÁZQUEZ, A. (2017): The political economy of wine: How terroir and intra-sector dynamics affect land use in Spain. Land Use Policy, 66: 288–292. GREINERT, A., KOSTECKI, J

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Moravian Geographical Reports
The Journal of Institute of Geonics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS)
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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

Uncertainty: Armidale, Australia, In: Halseth, G. [ed.]: Transformation of Resource Towns and Peripheries: Political economy perspective (pp. 249–267). Oxford and New York, Routledge. SPASIĆ, N., PETOVAR, K., JOKIĆ, V. (2007): Transformation of Settlements and Population in Large Lignite Basins. Belgrade, Institute of Architecture and Urban and Spatial Planning of Serbia. STAMATIS, G., PARPODIS, K., FILINTAS, A., ZAGANA, E. (2011): Groundwater quality, nitrate pollution and irrigation environmental management in the Neogene sediments of an agricultural region in

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Solution to Urban Air Pollution – Carbon Free Transport

the Air Pollution Control Association, 5(2), 103-108. EU Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050 (2011). EUR-Lex: Access to European Union Law. Retrieved from Fuel Cell Technologies Office Multi-Year Research, Development and Demonstration Plan. (2015). Retrieved from FuelCellsWorks. (2013). Riga City Council explores

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