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Impact Investment of Project Financing: Opportunity for Banks to Participate in Supporting Green Economy

., & Potravnyy, I. (2015). Management of Environment Cost in the Project: the Experience of Russia and Mongolia. Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management, 3, 140-150. Global Reporting Initiative. (2000). Sustainability Repointing Guidelines on Economic, Environmental and Social Performance. Boston. Nikulina, A. Yu. (2016). Evaluation and Selection of investment solution for oil and gas development in the Arctic. Arctic: Ecology and Economy. Research and Information

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Eco-Economics in Cities and Rural Areas

References Barbier, E. (2011). The Policy Challenges for Green Economy and Sustainable Economic Development. Natural Resources Forum, 35(3), 233-245. Bashaasha, B., Mangheni, M. N., & Nkonya, E. (2011, February). Decentralization and Rural Service Delivery in Uganda. International food policy research institute (IFPRI) Discussion Paper 01063. Birkmann, J., Garschagen, M., Kraas, F., & Quang, N. (2010). Adaptive Urban Governance: New Challenges for the Second

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Implementation of Energy-Saving Innovations as the Main Direction of Development of the Building Materials Industry

. Kuzina O. (2014, July). “Green” construction and main directions of modernization of the building materials industry. In materials of IVth international scientific-practical conference “Problems of safe development of modern society”, (pp. 154-157). Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation. Kuzina O. (2014, April). The situation of building materials industry enterprises on the modern stage of development of economy of the Russian Federation. In materials of Scientific-practical conference “Economic problems of sustainable development”, (pp. 179

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Measuring the Efficiency of Indian Real Estate Firms During the Pre- and Post-Demonetization Period by Adopting Data Envelopment Analysis

. Journal of International Studies , 11 (1), 257–272. Himanshu, K., Ashwani, K. & Zainab, A. (2018). Impact of Demonetisation on Indian Economy: A Critical Study. International Journal of Management Studies , 5 (2), 25–31. Indian Brand Equity Foundation. (2019). Indian Real Estate Industry. Retrieved from Janet, M.W. & Daniel, G. S. (2007). Stepwise selection of variables in data envelopment analysis

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Infrastructure Development and Property Sales in Low Income Residential Properties in Bulawayo

values in Unity Estate Lagos, International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences, 5 , 195–205. Ajibola M. O., Oluwunmi A. O. and Eguh O. (2012). Examining the Factors Contributing to Affordable Housing in Kosofe Local Government Council Area, Lagos, Nigeria, Journal of Asian Business Strategy , 2 (10). Arnold K., le Roux A., and Hattingh M. (2017). Impact of Gautrain Stations on Property Prices and Sales Activity in the City of Johannesburg between 2006 and 2015, South African Journal of Geomatics, 6 (2).

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Rental Housing Market in Riga: Price Determinants and Lesson Keys of Helsinki

September 1, 2018, from Cuerpo, C., Kalantaryan, S., & Pontuch, P. (2014). Rental Market Regulation in the European Union. Brussels. Retrieved from Ministry of Economics. (2017). Directions of housing policy. (Ekonomikas Ministrija. (2017). Mājokļu politikas virzieni.) Riga. Retrieved from http

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To Remove Walls or Not: Analysis Into the Dilemma of Chinese “Block System Policy”

). The Middle East: a brief History of the Last 2000 years . New York: A Touchstone Book published by Simon & Schuster. Li, B. (1990). Several Theoretical Issues regarding Real Estate Economy. Economist, 120-125. Li, G. (2009). The Reflections of Walls. Essays Selection, 22. Li, Z. (2016). The Block System Is Worth Starting for Urban Housing Pattern. Times of Democracy and Rule by Law, p. 2. Lin, H. (2016). The Block System Development in UK and USA. Law Daily, p. 7. Liu, J. (2007). The Flipside of Unscientific Planning in Tiantongyuan

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Solution to Urban Air Pollution – Carbon Free Transport

the Air Pollution Control Association, 5(2), 103-108. EU Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050 (2011). EUR-Lex: Access to European Union Law. Retrieved from Fuel Cell Technologies Office Multi-Year Research, Development and Demonstration Plan. (2015). Retrieved from FuelCellsWorks. (2013). Riga City Council explores

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Scientific Aspects of Spatial Economic Allocation of Entrepreneurial Activities

). Introduction to spatial natural resource and environmental economics. Resource and Energy Economics, 32(2), 93-97. Arauzo-Carod, J.-M., & Viladecans-Marsal, E. (2009). Industrial Location at the Intra-Metropolitan Level: The Role of Agglomeration Economies. Regional Studies, 43(4), 545-558. Auziņš, A. (2004). Institutional Aspects of Real Estate Property Formation: the Case of Latvia, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Economic

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The Economic Valuation of Carbon Footprint

References Calculation methodology for the national footprint accounts. (2010). Retrieved from Eurostat. (2012). Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Retrieved from Daly, H. & Cobb, J.B. (1989). For the common good: Redirecting the economy toward the community, the environment and a sustainable future, Beacon Press, Boston

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