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Financialisation as a Result of the Network Economy’s Development

References Barbosa-Filho, N. (2005). Internati onal Liquidity and Growth Fluctuations in Brazil. In G. Epstein (Ed.), Financialisation and The World Economy (314-333). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. Carrol, T., Jarvis, D.S.L. (2014). Introduction: Financialisation and Development in Asia Under Late Capitalism. Asian Studies Review (38)4, 533-543. Cichorska, J. (2015). Responsibility of Systemically Important Institutions for Financial Market Stability. In G. Hofbauer (Ed.), Challenges, Research and

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A Spatial Analysis Of The Knowledge - Based Economy In Poland

Przestrzenna. Metody i modele analizy danych przestrzennych, C.H.BECK, Warsaw. Świtalski W. (2005), Innowacje i konkurencyjność, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warsaw. OECD (1996), The Knowledge-Based Economy, General Distribution OECD/GD(96)102, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris. Wroniecki J. (2001), Nowa gospodarka: miraż czy rzeczywistość? Doktryna - Praktyka - Optyka OECD, [in:] Welfe W. (ed.), Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie, tom III, zeszyt 3: Społeczeństwo oparte na wiedzy - wyzwania

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Output gap in the Czech economy: DSGE approach

References ADOLFSON, Malin, et al. Bayesian estimation of an open economy DSGE model with incomplete pass-through. Journal of International Economics , 2007, 72.2: 481-511. ANDRLE, Michal, et al. Implementing the new structural model of the Czech National Bank . CNB Working Paper Series, 2/2009, 2009. ANDRLE, Michal, et al. On the sources of business cycles: Implications for DSGE models . ECB Working Paper, No. 2058, 2017. BAXTER, Marianne; KING, Robert G. Measuring business cycles: approximate band-pass filters for economic time series

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Implementing the Main Circular Economy Principles within the Concept of Sustainable Development in the Global and European economy, with Particular Emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe – the Case of Poland and the Region of Lodz

perspektywy finansowej Unii Europejskiej , ʽEkonomia i Środowiskoʼ [Economy and Environment], 1/44. Burchard-Dziubińska, M. (ed.) (2015), Towards a Green Economy. From ideas to practice , Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź. Closing the loop – An EU action plan for the Circular Economy , Communication From the Commission to the European Parliament, The Council, The European Economic and Social Committee and The Committee of Regions, European Commission, Brussels, 2.12.2015 [COM(2015) 614 final]. Fiedor, B. (ed.) (2002), Podstawy ekonomii środowiska

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Determinants of the Shadow Economy in the Czech Regions: A Region-Level Study

References ALLINGHAM, M. G., and A. SANDMO. (1972). Income tax evasion: a theoretical analysis. Journal of Public Economics . Vol. 1, pp. 323-338. DOI: 10.1016/0047-2727(72)90010-2 ANNICCHIARICO, B., and C. CESARONI. (2016). Tax Reforms and the Under-ground Economy: A Simulation-Based Analysis. CEIS Research Paper . Vol. 14, pp. 1-43. ARGENTIERO, A., and C. A. BOLLINO. (2015). Uncovering Unobserved Economy: A General Equilibrium Characterization. Metroeconomica . Vol. 66, pp. 306–338. DOI: 10.1111/meca.12072 BUEHN, A. (2011). The Shadow

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The “New” Environmental Policy of the European Union: A Path to Development of a Circular Economy and Mitigation of the Negative Effects of Climate Change

environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage; . Directive 2008/1/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 January 2008 concerning integrated pollution prevention and control; . . . http

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Conditions And Prospects For Development Of Innovation In EU Economies In Light Of The Europe 2020 Strategy

Europejska, dokument roboczy służb Komisji, Bruksela, 02.02.2010 SEK (2010) OECD Economic Surveys, OECD, Paris 2012 Romer P. M. (1990), Endogenous Technological Change, Journal of Political Economy, vol. 98, no. 5 Stern S., Porter P. M., Furman J. L. (2000), The Determinants of National Innovative Capacity, Working Paper, no 7876, National Bureau of Economic Research Cambridge MA

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Military Expenditures and Shadow Economy in the Central and Eastern Europe: is There a Link?

1 Introduction and Literature Review The shadow economy and its determinants are of great interest to academic researchers and policy-makers – the amount of economic knowledge in this field is constantly increasing. It is known that economic entities operating in the shadow economy often pay bribes ( Dreher and Schneider, 2010 ; Goel and Saunoris, 2014a ). Bribes, unlike taxes, involve unpredictable distortions in the uncertain and discretional use of government power ( Cieślik and Goczek, 2018 ). This provides costs to business, and alongside, with

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EU as a Highly Competitive Social Market Economy –Goal, Options, and Reality

European Union. (2007). Brussels European Council, Presidency Conclusions 11177/07 REV 1, Brussels. CRAIG, P. (2013). The Lisbon Treaty - Law, Politics, And Treaty Reform, Oxford: Oxford University Press. DAGILYTE, E. (2012). Social Values in The European Union: Are They Becoming More Important After the Lisbon Treaty? In Europe on the Strand, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, London: King's College. DAMJANOVIC, D. (2013). The EU Market Rules as Social Market Rules: Why the EU can be a social market economy. Common Market Law Review, (50). DE GRAUWE, P. (2013

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The Water-wastewater-sludge Sector and the Circular Economy

European Environmental Bureau, (in Polish). Coats, E., Benton, D. (2015), Unemployment and the circular economy in Europe: a study of opportunities in Italy, Poland and Germany , Green Alliance, London, Polish version: by IBS PW nr 4/2016, (accessed: 16.02.2018), in Polish. EC (2014a), Towards a circular economy: A zero waste programme for Europe, Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European

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