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Our People in the World – Slovaks South of Slovakia’s Border I–III

), 303–335. Bear, L. (2016). Time as technique. Annual Review of Anthropology , 45 (29), 1–16. Búriková, Z, Miller, D. (2010). Au pair. Cambridge: Polity. Cock, J. (1980). Maids and madams: Domestic workers under apartheid. London: Women’s Press. Constable, N. (1997). Maid to order in Hong Kong: Stories of Filipina workers. Ithaca, London: Cornell University Press. Cox, R. (2006). Servant problem: Domestic employment in a global economy. London: I. B. Tauris. Cox, R. (2013). The complications of ‘hiring a hubby’: Gender

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Selected Concepts of Contemporary Rural Research: Inspirations and Challenges for Rural Anthropology

, 41–56. Putnam, R. (1993). The prosperous community: social capital and public life. In: American Prospect , 13 , 35–42. Rodríguez-Pose, A., Fitjar, R. D. (2013). Buzz, Archipelago Economies and the Future of Intermediate and Peripheral Areas in a Spiky World. European Planning Studies, 21 (3), 355–372. Short, B. (2006). Idyllic Ruralities. In: P. Cloke, T. Marsden, P. H. Mooney (Eds.), Handbook of Rural Studies , London: Sage (s. 133–148). Smith, D. P., Highley, R. (2012). Circuits of education, rural gentrification, and family migration

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Book Reviews

Cycle. Selected Papers of the UNFPA-IOM Expert Group Meeting, New York, 2–3 May 2006. IOM (2018). Data Bulletin: Informing a Global Compact for Migration – Gender dimensions of migration, Issue No. 11, December 2018. Kaur, A. (2010). Labour migration in Southeast Asia: migration policies, labour exploitation and regulation. Journal of Asian Pacific Economy , 15 (1), 6–19. Knodel, J., Saengtienchai, C. (2007). Rural parents with urban children: Social and economic implications of migration for the rural elderly in Thailand. Population, Space and

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