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Testing Turkey’s Place Within the Maps of Global Economic, Political and Social Values

References Abdollahian, M. A., Coan, T. G., Oh, H. and Yeşilada, B. A. 2012. Dynamics of Cultural Change: The Human Development Perspective. International Studies Quarterly, 56, 827-842. Ahumada, H., Alvaredo, F. and Canavese, A. 2008. Th e Monetary Method to Measure the Shadow Economy: Th e Forgotten Problem of the Initial Conditions. Economic Letters, 101, 97-99. Alesina, A. 2013. Women, Fertility and the Rise in Modern Capitalism. Science, 342(6157), 427-428. Alesina, A. and Angeletos, G. M

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US–Kenya Economic Relations under Obama and Their Image in the Kenyan News Discourse

War, Bush sought to define a new Africa policy reflecting the US position as the sole global leader and emphasizing its core values: peace, democracy, human rights, development and market economy. Bush ceased to support long-term allies with authoritarian regimes and pressed them to democratize ( Waters 2009 , lxvi). The US started to criticize democratic deficiencies in Kenya after the rigged general elections in March 1988 ( Moegi 1993 , 188). When the police violently ended the opposition meeting in July 1990, the US Congress proposed the suspension of US aid

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Trade Embargo as a Geopolitical Tool: A Case of Nepal-India Trade Relations

. Mohamed, G.A. (2017). The economic impact of trade embargoes on a developing economy. International Aff airs Forum. Retrieved September 6, 2017, from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). (2015). Banking and financial statistics. Retrieved December 18, 2016, from New Spot Light News Magazine. (2016). Nepal and China signed ten agreements including Transit Trade, Retrieved December 15, 2016, from http

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Co-Creation of Public Services in Poland in Statu Nascendi. A Case Study on Senior Co-Housing Policy at the Urban Level

. (2014), Perspektywy rozwoju budownictwa senioralnego w Polsce Obecne i przyszłe problemy związane z zapewnieniem lepszych mieszkań dla polskich seniorów . REAS. Warszawa. European Commission (2013), Evidence on Demographic and Social Trends, Social Policies' Contribution to Inclusion, Employment and the Economy . SWD, 38 final. European Social Network (2015), Public social services in crisis: challenges and responses From 2008–2014: a response from ESN members . available at:

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External and Internal Policies of Belarus After Crimea Annexation


Within the last few years, significant changes have taken place in the geopolitical and economic spheres of Europe: Euromaidan, annexation of the Crimea in the East, and problems inside the European Union (issue of migrants, Brexit) in the West. These changes had their impact on Belarus, a country situated between Russia and the EU. Conflict between Ukraine and Russia shook the Belarusian economy. Belarusian authorities were afraid about unexpected Russian steps towards Minsk and about social unrest against their own authoritarian president. All of this forced Alexander Lukashenko to search for new solutions in his policies. During recent months, it was possible to observe the change of a political discourse with Poland, attempts of a cautious cooperation with Russia (which is still Belarus’ main ally), and a search for new sources of finances and energy suppliers. The present situation is a new challenge for Belarusian authorities and even for foreign observers. For inhabitants of the country, the situation is not comfortable.

This article aims to present, based on selected sources, the synthesis of actions that were taken in the external and internal politics by the Belarusian authorities after the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

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‘Assistance from A to Z’ as an Innovative Social Investment in Action. Evaluation of a Case Study

2020 Active society, competitive economy, efficient state . Warszawa: Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego. Available at Available at < > [Accessed on: February 20, 2016]. Nicholls A., Simon J., Gabriel M. (2015). New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research . Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan. Van Kersbergen K., Hemerijck A. (2012). ‘Two Decades of Change in Europe: The Emergence of the Social Investment State’. Journal of Social Policy . Vol. 41, No. 3, 475–492. Wiktorska-Święcka A. (ed

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International Space vs. International Environment: New Phenomena and New Challenges for Poland’s Foreign Policy

-modern World. Częstochowa: Instytut Geopolityki. Rewizorski, M. (2011). WTO and Global Economy in Time of Globalisation. Koszalin: Wydawnictwo Uczelniane Politechniki Koszalińskiej. Siemoniak, T. (2013). ‘NATO Does Not Threaten Russia, But Also Is Not Afraid Of It’. Gazeta Wyborcza. Issue 14-15, August 2013. Sprout, H. & Sprout, M. (1957). ‘Environmental factors in the Study of International Politics’. The Journal of Conflict Resolution . December 1957, pp. 309-328 Stalder, F. (2012). Manuel Castells, Theory of the Network Society. Krakow

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Convergence of Social Marketing and Public Administration: Democratizing Value Creation

. & Scarre, Christopher. (2008) Ancient Civilizations. Oxon, UK: Routledge. Follett, Mary-Parker. (1940). Dynamic Administration: Th e Collected Papers of Mary Parker Follett. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishing. Frederickson, George. Smith, Kevin. Larimer, Christopher. & Licari, Michael. (2012). The Public Administration Th eory Primer. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press. Fuchs, Christian. (2011). Th e Contemporary World Wide Web: Social medium or new space of accumulation? Th e Political Economies of Media: Th e

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Challenges of the Illiberal Democracy in Hungary. Some Aspects to the 2018 Elections


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Entrepreneurial Universities and Regional Development: Policy Origins, Progress, and the Future, with a Focus on Poland

:// > [Accessed 21 May 2014]. Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego (2011). ‘Poland 2011: Economy – Society – Regions’. Available at < > [Accessed 3 May 2014]. Rosenberg N. (2009). America’s Entrepreneurial Universities. In: Hart, D. ed. The Emergence of Entrepreneurship Policy . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 113-138. Szumigalska, A. & Anthony, A. (2013). ‘The Development of the Concept of Academic

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