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Revealing Relevant Proximities. Knowledge Networks in the Maritime Economy in a Spatial, Functional and Relational Perspective

1 Introduction The spatial organization of industrial activities has undergone dramatic change in the past 50 years ( Dicken 2011 ). Globalization and the rise of information and communication technologies (ICT) have propelled the restructuring of value chains and knowledge networks ( Derudder/Witlox 2010 ; Brown/Derudder/Parnreiteretal. 2010 ). The maritime economy has been instrumental to economic change and the formation of the urban system in Germany by producing knowledge and innovations for centuries. Recently, structural change has propelled the

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Interlocking Firm Networks in the German Knowledge Economy. On Local Networks and Global Connectivity

1 Introduction The process of internationalization and globalization of economy, politics and culture seems again to boil down to the question of whether ‘the world is flat’ (see Friedman 2005 ) or whether ‘the world is spiky’ (see Florida 2005 ). Friedman’s hypothesis builds on the levelling effect of information and communications technology (ICT), arguing that it is a series of ICT-related modes of organization of production and services that has enabled a workforce of millions of well qualified people to enter global competition. India and China

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Inwertsetzung von temporären Räumlichkeiten. Standortstrategien von Pop-up-Restaurants in Berlin

, and services intangible, experiences are memorable.“ Diese neuen Imperative finden ihren Niederschlag in „attention economies“ ( Davenport/Beck 2002 ), „experience economies“ ( Pine/Gilmore 1999 ) oder „economies of spectacle“ ( Krier/Swart 2016 ) und versuchen durch sogenannte einprägsame oder feldkonfigurierende Events Einfluss auf Unternehmen und/oder ganze Industrien zu nehmen ( Lampel/Meyer 2008 ). Vor diesem Hintergrund wird im Folgenden versucht, die Standortstrategien dieser besonderen Form des temporären Gastronomiebetriebes, der Pop-up-Restaurants, am

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“Disorganised Devolution”: Reshaping Metropolitan Governance in England in a Period of Austerity

1 Introduction: The Demise of The Dual Polity According to Bulpitt (1983) in his seminal work “Territory and Power”, for much of the 20 th century the UK political system could be viewed as a ‘dual polity’. While central government dealt with the ‘high’ politics of foreign policy, defence and the economy, local government was responsible for the ‘low’ politics of local service delivery in areas such as schools, roads and refuse collection. A key feature of these arrangements was that, for the most part, central elites kept out of local administration and

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Introduction: German Cities in the World City Network

1 Introduction Globalization has entailed a reorganization of spatial development processes on global, European, national and regional scales. Cities and metropolitan areas are increasingly connected to other places in the world in many different ways and through many different actors. The result is a multi-faceted city network of global reach that has a significant impact upon—and is in turn shaped by—the world economy, but is not entirely free from state-based direction. Against this backdrop, spatial development policies in the European Union but

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Closed circulation loops in historic buildings. Cultural diagnosis as one of the major factors in a contemporary designer’s workshop

Introduction The COP2 1 Paris Agreement recognises the role of cities and calls on local authorities to introduce policies to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster adaptation to climate change. According to Smart Cities and Communities - European Innovation Partnership ‘Cities are becoming more and more a focal point for our economies and societies at large, particularly because of on-going urbanization and the trend towards increasing knowledge-intensive economies as well as a growing share of resource consumption and emissions. To meet public

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Moving to Sustainable Buildings:
Paths to Adopt Green Innovations in Developed Countries
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Making Unaffordable to Affordable: Looking into Affordable Housing Issues and Its Remedies

R eferences 1. Alvi, I. The Informal Sector in Urban Economy: Low Income Housing in Lahore. Karachi: OUP, 1997, p. 77. 2. Andrew, R., Dymond, J. Expansion of Lifestyle Blocks and Urban Areas onto High-class Land: An Update for Planning and Policy. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 43(3), 2013, pp. 128‒140. 3. Anjum, G. A., Hameed, R. Dynamic of Colonization of Peripheral Housing Scheme Policy Options in Case of Lahore. Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol

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The Industrial Cluster Plan of the Japanese government and the realities of regional economies in Japan

1 Introduction The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI, formerly known as the MITI or Ministry of International Trade and Industry) launched its Industrial Cluster Plan for the resurgence of regional economies in 2001. According to the METI’s Industrial Cluster Plan Promotion Office (2004) , since the mid 1990s it had become difficult to continue the policy of factory relocation from three main metropolitan areas to provincial areas, because Japanese manufacturing companies have invested not at home but in China and the ASEAN countries

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Directions of Growth, Improvement and Prospects for Efficiency of the Productivity of Sheep Breeds Tigaie in the Context of Zootechnical Bioeconomy

., Diaconescu, D., Strateanu A., 2009. Management of DNA information Bank using Tipyfix method for microsatellite analysis and snp assays in order to ensure safety by animal filiations and traceability for farm animal biodiversity under the new circumstances of the eco-economy paradigm, Buletin USAMVCluj, p. 424-432, vol 66/2009. [4] Bogdan A.T., Vioara M., Alexandru M., Chelmu, S., Viorica B., I. Surdu, R. Burlacu, Diaconescu, D., Strateanu A. 2010. Prospects of Agrifood Green Power in 2050 and Forecasting for 2100 with Sustenable Solutions Based on Ecobioeconomics new

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