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, Axelstad M. Low-dose effect of developmental bisphenol A exposure on sperm count and behaviour in rats. Andrology. 2016;4(4):594-607; DOI: 10.1111/andr.12176. 65. Quan C, Wang C, Duan P, Huang W, Yang K. Prenatal bisphenol a exposure leads to reproductive hazards on male offspring via the Akt/mTOR and mitochondrial apoptosis pathways: Prenatal Bisphenol a Exposure Leads to Male Reproductive Toxicity. 2016. 66. Chen Z, Zuo X, He D, Ding S, Xu F, Yang H, Jin X, Fan Y, Ying L, Tian C, Ying C. Long-term exposure to a ‘safe’ dose of bisphenol A reduced protein acetylation in

microvascular or macrovascular late complications of T2D. The most important finding of our study was that SLC5A2 rs9934336 polymorphism significantly influenced fasting blood glucose levels in T2D patients. We even observed a gene dose effect, with the carriers of one polymorphic SLC5A2 rs9934336 A allele having higher median fasting glucose levels than non-carriers, while carriers of two polymorphic had the highest fasting blood glucose levels. The effect of SLC5A2 rs9934336 genotypes on HbA1c levels was less pronounced, however significant under the dominant genetic