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Soll die Betriebswirtschaftslehre die Interessen anderer Akteure explizit berücksichtigen?

(Hg.), Aktuelle Probleme der Wirtschaftsethik, Berlin, S. 43-67. Opp, Karl-Dieter (2014), Methodologie der Sozialwissenschaften, 7. Aufl., Wiesbaden. Pfeffer, Jeffrey und Gerald R. Salancik (2003), The External Control of Organizations: A Resource Dependence Perspective, Stanford. Polanyi, Karl (1957), The Economy as an Instituted Process, in: Karl Polanyi, Conrad M. Arensberg und Harry W. Pearson (Hg.), Trade and Market in the Early Empires, Chicago. Popper, Karl R. (1968), The Logic of Scientific Discovery, 2nd ed., London. Richter

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Steuerungsethik lauteren Wettbewerbs und Protestantismus – Ein Beitrag zur ideengeschichtlichen Diskussion

-Regulation in: Claus Dieter Ehlermann und Isabela Atanasiu, European Competition Law Annual 2004: The Relationship between Competition Law and the (Liberal) Professions, Oxford / Portland Oregon, S. 101-130. Herrmann, Harald (2005), Das wertphilosophische Leitbild persönlicher Verantwortlichkeit und Toleranz im internationalen Kartellrecht, in: Harald Herrmann und Kai-Ingo Voigt (Hg.), Globalisierung und Ethik, Heidelberg, S. 63-75. Herrmann, Harald (2009), Wertewechsel in einer Rechtsanwaltsethik globalen Diskurses, Anwaltsblatt 12/2009, Bonn, S. 812

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Ludwig Erhards Konzept der sozialen Marktwirtschaft und seine wettbewerbstheoretischen Grundlagen

), Endogenous Innovation in the Theory of Growth, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 8, S. 23-44. Haselbach, Dieter (1985), Franz Oppenheimer: Soziologie, Geschichtsphilosophie und Politik des „Liberalen Sozialismus“, Opladen. Hayek, Friedrich A. von (1945/2004), Der Weg zur Knechtschaft, Tübingen. Hayek, Friedrich A. von (1946/2003), Der Sinn des Wettbewerbs, in: Friedrich A. von Hayek (2003), Rechtsordnung und Handelsordnung. Aufsätze zur Ordnungsökonomik, Tübingen, S. 107-120. Hayek, Friedrich A. von (1968/2003), Der Wettbewerb als

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Abenomics: from the “Great Stagnation” to the “Three-Arrows Strategy”

consolidation [ OECD, 2017 , p. 6]. References Abe, S. (2007), Policy speech by Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to the 166th Session of the Die t, Friday, January 26, retrieved from Abe S. 2007 Policy speech by Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to the 166th Session of the Diet Friday, January 26, retrieved from Broda, C., Weinsten, D. (2007), Defining price stability in Japan: a view from America NBER Working Paper No. 13255. Broda C

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Organizational Innovation and Cost Reduction Analysis of Manufacturing Process – Case Study

Company,” Procedia Economics and Finance , vol. 26, pp. 109-113, 2015. [4] O. Ganschar, S. Gerlach, M. Hämmerle, T. Krause and S. Schlund. “Produktionsarbeit der Zukunft-Industrie 4.0,” Ed. Dieter Spath, Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2013. [5] T. Hollweck, “Robert K. Yin. (2014). Case Study Research Design and Methods (5 th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 282 pages.,” The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation , Mar. 2016. [6] B. Kalyani. “Problems faced by small scale entrepreneurs of the industrial estates of the Madurai region.” The ICFAI Journal

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Exploring PhD Students’ Concerns Regarding Doctoral Programs in Economics and Business Administration

.03.2015]. 18. Rockinson-Szpakiw, A. J., Spaulding, L. S., & Knight, A. (2015), “Protecting the Marriage Relationship During the Doctoral Journey Strategies for Students and Partners Based on the Strong Marital House Concept”, The Family Journal, 1066480714565106. 19. Schultz-Hardt, Stefan, Jochims, Marc, Frey, Dieter (2002), “Productive conflict in group decision making: Genuine and contrived dissent as strategies to counteract biased information seeking”, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 88(2), p.563. 20. Schwenk, Charles, Valacich, Joseph S

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Emergence of Commodity Derivatives as Defensive Instrument in Portfolio Risk Hedging: A Case of Indian Commodity Markets

Journal, March-April, pp. 69-97 Dieter H., Huang H. and Niessen A. (2008), “How do Commodity future respond to Macro Economic News”, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management , Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 127-146 Fama, E. and G. Schwert (1977), “ Asset returns and inflation”, Journal of Financial Economics , 5 (2), 115–146. Greer R J (1978), “Methods for Institutional Investment in Commodity Futures”, The Journal of Derivatives, Winter, pp. 28-36. Gorton, G. and Rouwenhorst, K.G. (2005), ‘Facts and fantasies about commodity futures’, Yale ICF

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Computational Intelligence for Estimating Cost of New Product Development

use of intelligent systems. Foundations of Management , 6(2), pp.7-20. [5] Trott P., 2005. Innovation Management and New Product Development . Essex: Prentice Hall. [6] Relich M., Bzdyra K., 2015. Knowledge discovery in enterprise databases for forecasting new product success. Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (ed. K. Jackowski et al.). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 9375, Springer, pp.121-129. [7] Dieter G.E., 2000. Engineering Design: A Material and Processing Approach . Boston: McGraw-Hill. [8] Nepal B

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